Thursday 31 January 2019

The All Rights Issue is Spreading...

Just want to point everyone in the direction of the Womagwriter blog where further bad news on all rights fiction contracts have now spread to monthly magazine Spirit & Destiny.

The magazine was seen as a new market for short story writers even though it was only one story a month and obviously needed stories that would fit the magazine's profile.

I usually read the magazine on Readly and it's always good to see a story by writers I know. I doubt I will continue to read it now they're requiring all rights for their fiction.

More worrying for writers is that the magazine is a Bauer publication. They also produce Take A Break Fiction Feast; although that is a closed list so writers who aren't on the list can't submit anyway, but the implications, for those writers who are, is worrying.

When I wrote my article for Writing Magazine last summer (around the all rights situation at Woman's Weekly) I mentioned the potential for the other magazines to also move to an all rights contract.

Last year's
All Rights issue
I hoped I was wrong.

People's Friend have not gone the all rights route and are consequently receiving even more submissions, with writers waiting longer than before to hear the outcome for their stories.

So many newer writers cut their teeth on the womag fiction market and years later move on to writing novels for mainstream publishers.

If Bauer extend the all rights contract to their TAB Fiction Feast magazine I think a number of womag writers will stop submitting.

If that happens it won't just be the writers losing out...


Susan A Eames said...

And yet writers must refuse to submit stories to these publications in a bid to force them to think again about making these outrageous and disrespectful demands.

Susan A Eames at
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Carolb said...

Susan- sadly it's a buyers market and the magazines decide what terms they will offer writers; it's take it or leave it. :(

Some short story writers may not want to exploit their rights (later) and be happy to accept the contract- as appears to have happened with some of the stories in Woman's Weekly now and the other magazines that take all rights for the fiction.

Patsy said...

We're hepless unless we work together.

Carolb said...

Patsy- I agree with you on that. But sadly there will be writers who are willing to give up all rights to their work and publishers who believe they're in the right too.

Even if readers stop buying the magazines, I believe the all rights issue is a battle writers (sadly) can't win as the advantage is heavily weighed against them. :(