Sunday 7 May 2017

Celebrating 90 Years...

No, I'm not 90 years old, but Nottingham Writers' Club is this year. Which is why I was out celebrating on the 4th May.

We attended a reception at the Nottingham Council House in the Market Square, with club members and their guests, plus a few members of the City of Literature board.

There was a short speech by the Lord Mayor (who was previously the Sheriff of Nottingham), and then by our President of 10 years, Roy Bainton.

The Lord Mayor and NWC President
Roy Bainton cutting the cake
One of our Vice Presidents, Pat, arranged and paid for the cake- it was an open book shaped sponge with jam filling and iced - it was delicious.

The club committee provided the wine and non-alcoholic drinks.

Tea and coffee courtesy of the Council.

There were about 35 - 40 people at the reception, but not everyone was going on to the nearby restaurant, George's, for dinner.

We had part of the cake at the reception, and rather than ordering any puddings after our dinner (don't think any of us had room for pudding anyway) we had another slice of cake to finish...

It was a wonderful evening all round, with lots of talking, as well as the eating and drinking.

Me and my own personal hero...
Just as 10 years ago at the 80th anniversary celebrations, I got a picture taken of me with my own personal hero- my husband - who much prefers to be behind the camera than in front of it.

It may look like we're doing head contortions and looking in the wrong place, but the room lights were reflecting off the lenses of our glasses, so we had to keep making adjustments until we eradicated the light problem.

The club's celebrations continue for the rest of the year, but they'll be low-key...

Only 10 more years until the 100th anniversary...


Maria said...

Wow! Not many clubs can say they have been going for ninety years.
Nice to see your hubby supporting you and the club. Looks like you had an enjoyable evening.

Wendy's Writing said...

Happy Anniversary Nottingham Writers Club!

Helen Laycock said...

It sounds like a lovely event, Carol. How wonderful to be part of it.

Keith Havers said...

Glad you had a great time, Carol.

Carolb said...

Maria- it is a long time, and we're considering a book for the centenary.

I was pleased my husband came along, although I did have to leave him by himself for most of the reception. :-)

Wendy- thank you. :-)

Helen-It was a wonderful evening all round. Also a good way to add to the long history of the club.

Keith- it was a good evening.