Thursday 23 March 2017

Can You Have Too Many Books?

Now I know that's a silly question to ask any writer, but I have to face it, I do have a lot of books.

As a consequence of all those books I also have six IKEA Billy bookcases downstairs and they're full. Okay at least one of them has books my OH has bought or received, so it doesn't sound as obsessive... :D

A few books...
There's quite a TBR (to be read) list on my Kindle e-reader. E-readers have enabled me to buy more books without anyone knowing.

I still buy physical books, probably more non-fiction than fiction. But I do still buy paperback versions of the latest books by my favourite authors. It's also easier to find a place to slot them in on the shelves than it would be trying to fit 20+.

A few I do read more than once because I enjoy the story and the characters so much.

Even though some readers won't buy an e-book, preferring the sensory delights of a book made of paper- be it paperback or hardback; I'll admit there is something very tactile about old cloth-bound books.

When I'm travelling or attending an appointment my Kindle comes with me, so I can choose a book to suit my requirements and my mood- or the time available.

Sometimes I do give books to a charity shop, but there will always be one or two that end up staying behind...

Unfortunately the time is coming when I will have to be ruthless and part company with a number of the older paperbacks.

We've got to have some work done inside the house this summer so it will mean temporarily moving furniture- and bookcases into store; hard decision will have to be made on what I'm keeping, and what will go to good causes- or friends.

So now it's over to you. Are you a book hoarder? Or do you pass on books after you've read them?


Patsy said...

I don't think I'm a book hoarder. I do have a lot of books, but the ones I keep are all either gifts of sentimental value, signed copies or ones I refer to fairly often.

Keith Havers said...

Just ask myself - am I likely to read it again? If not - pass it on.

Angela Barton said...

I save my favourite stories, authors and front covers. Others I'll happily pass on to friends, give to wards at the hospital I work at or drop them off at a charity shop. I'm not saying it's easy to give them away, though!

Jen said...

I have serious problems with not being able to stop buying books or ebooks. I have no room but I still buy them and I have now found even more books to read despite the fact I already have plenty to get through. It's a problem. A problem that only a fellow book addict or book hoarder would understand. I have given books away in the past and then wished I hadn't so that's why I hold on to them.
Actually the problem isn't that I have too many books, I just need a bigger house and how can you have too many books? No such thing, so many books so little time!

Rosemary Gemmell said...

How appropriate, Carol, since I've just finished packing up all my books for our move in May! I did get rid of some but I have so many reference and study books amongst the fiction that I have to take them with me. I also have over 100 books to read on kindle - will probably never get through some of them as there are always more!

Carolb said...

Patsy- you are sensible, I don't think I have that much self-control. :D

Keith- at least the books will get read with passing them on. :-)

Angela- I do think it's a little easier when you know the books will go for a good cause. But I do keep the books by my favourite authors too. :-)

Jen- I know exactly what you mean, I wish I had a room just for my books, but sadly I don't.

Rosemary- good luck with your move, hope it goes smoothly. Yes, I have a lot of reference books too that I just wouldn't dispose of. At least with so many books on your kindle you can guarantee you'll find something you want to read. :-)