Thursday, 9 July 2015


Very pleased that the temperature has gone done to nearer normal for this time of year. Last week it was a struggle to do anything, even writing was difficult.

I took a picture of the moon last Thursday night as I wanted to catch the polluted tinge that hung across it, but it was too low. By the time it was high enough it had gone above the that layer so looked a lot cleaner.

Early July Moon...
This week has been good so far. I've managed to get a couple of hours to write each day this week so I've added about 1,600 words.

It may not seem a lot but as I don't touch type that was a big improvement for me.

It's always difficult to write in the summer when it's sunny outside and there's lots of things you need to do- the plants need water and the grass needs cutting again to name but a few.

At least I'm on the downward path to the end of my current work in progress. Okay it's still only a first draft stage, but I can already see where I need to insert scenes, and make changes in the second draft.

At the moment my brain seems to be juggling thoughts on each of my three projects.

My Dorset novel has a synopsis and first four chapters. I needed to give myself some time to work on a few of the characters, to round them out a little. It's been a couple of years- longer than I intended- but now I know what works for me, I'm looking forward to getting on with it.

My Nottinghamshire novella has a complete first draft and is waiting for a complete read through before I start the second draft. I've pinpointed a few things that need changing, major and minor.

Then there's my current story, making steady progress.

There's at least another four ideas in varying stages, but fortunately those characters aren't hassling me.

(I've got a Pinterest board for each of the three stories, and adding to when I have time, but they're remaining secret.)

I'm also putting together the writing session for the writers' club next Wednesday- putting names to faces and creating bios. Hopefully some of the writers will use them as inspiration for a story...

Plus the final thing I need to do is get my entry sorted for this year's Festival of Romance, New Talent Award 2015. You can read more about it over on the website.

I'm going to enter the first chapter of my Dorset novel. It's an historical romance so fits within the specified 'romantic novel (of any kind)'. I just need to look at the word count of my first chapter as there's a maximum 2,500 word count.

So there's lots to do over the next few months.


linda said...

Like the idea of a Pinterest board. Will try that. Good to see you work on more than one project at a time. I was concerned I should perhaps concentrate on one. Encouraging.

Carolb said...

I've only started using Pinterest this year, Linda, and have found it useful for keeping track of images that might be useful reference subjects for future projects. :-)

I've only recently realised that creating an online inspiration board- to complement the one I have by my desk- means that I can reveal the pinterest board when the book eventually gets to the publishing stage.

Angela Barton said...

I'm impressed that you can work on 3 stories at once. I'm afraid I don't possess that talent!
Good luck with your submission to the Festival of Romance. It sounds interesting but I wonder how it works because many romantic novels don't include romance in the first chapter. In my latest novel, my protagonist doesn't meet her 'love' until chapter 5!!

Carolb said...

Thanks, Angela. My hero and heroine meet each other at the start, so I can at least show their awareness of one another. But I agree one chapter is a bit limiting.

As my three projects are at different stages so I'm not actively writing all three at the same time- not enough hours in a week for that, but while I'm writing the contemporary romance first draft at the moment, I do think about the other projects and rewrite one or two of their scenes in my head. :)

I'm aiming to get at least one of them finished this year.

Patsy said...

Yes, lots to do - but it seems to me you've got lots done too.

Maria said...

Sounds to me like you are doing really well... I hope you give yourself a nice treat.

liz young said...

What a busy bee! And 1600 words too - well done. That's better than I've managed!

Carolb said...

Never thought about it that way, thanks Patsy. :-)

Carolb said...

Thanks, Maria. I will be searching for something chocolate related... :-)

Carolb said...

It's amazing what a few undisturbed hours can mean.

I'm sure you'll get back to the writing once the moving process is completed, Lizy.