Thursday 30 April 2015

Authors for Nepal - Auction Coming Up...

I doubt many will have missed the news reports of the devastation left by the 7.8 magnitude  earthquake that hit Nepal last Saturday, resulting in the death and homelessness of huge numbers of  citizens.

As with previous natural disasters authors are rallying together to raise funds by donating to a charity auction; items donated range from signed books, to critiques, and an author visit, plus many more.

There's still time for other donations to be added with a deadline of 6 pm this Sunday, May 3rd.

For details of where and how, pop over to the Authors for Nepal Facebook page.

At the moment the auction is scheduled to begin Tuesday 5th May at midnight on ebay. The organiser, writer Julia Williams, has said that although they may not have loaded all the items by the start time, they will carry on until they're complete.

So even if the earlier ones have finished there will still be later ones running.

The money raised by the auction will go to Earthquake Relief for Nepal set-up by a New Zealand based charity, First Steps Himalaya, who are involved with providing early years education for rural Nepali children, and are already based within one of the villages.

You can find out more from this item in the Bookseller.

The charity's page.

The Facebook page for Authors for Nepal.

So keep an eye on the Facebook page for more updates over the weekend.

AUCTION RUNNING so pop over to ebay and take a look at their all listings- there are a few still to be added, so keep checking.


Rosemary Gemmell said...

It's a dreadful tragedy - thanks for highlighting these.

Patsy said...

This is a good idea in theory and hopefully will provide much needed aid.

Not all these auctions are so good though. In the past I've been asked to donate books for things and when I've looked at the sites the donated items are selling for less than what it would have cost the author in postage.

Carolb said...

Yes, it is a terrible tragedy, and with so many in areas where it's difficult to get to, it is frightening.

Carolb said...

That's a good point, Patsy, but I do think with this one there will be a lot of interest, so hopefully every item will make a reasonable amount.