Sunday 1 December 2013

The Great British Write Off Competition...

" Are you the next big women's fiction writer?"

Well if you think so, then have a look at this competition showing on the website. They've teamed up with and publisher Simon & Schuster UK.

They want to find and publish a debut women's fiction writer. Full details here.

"The plotline can be anything; the only requirement is that it must fall within the women's fiction genre."

Entrants are required to: " submit your short story, which should be a maximum of 2,500 words" (and this is done by copying and pasting into the entry form on the main page).

The closing date is 5.30pm on the 31st January 2014.

The winner will get some fantastic opportunities.

  • Publication of the winning e-book short story in April 2014.
  • An agent advice session with Lizzy Kremer, director of David Higham Associates.
  • An author mentoring session with Sunday Times bestselling author Milly Johnson.
  • And a book jacket and feature on Simon & Schuster's social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.
The winner gets a standard e-book contract.

(details from

You'll find full details, t&c's, and links you need on the main page- see my link at the top.

Apologies to overseas writers once more, this is only for UK residents aged over 18 years.

If you enter, good luck. 

APOLOGIES for the appearance of white blocks behind quoted text. I haven't been able to get rid of it. 


liz young said...

The white blocks may be because you've copied and pasted from a white backgrounded text onto your own mauve background. Probably nothing you can do!

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Looks a great opportunity, Carol, although I can't enter. To remove the white blocks, you need to go into the HTML text and remove "background style - white" (or similar) but you have to do it carefully all it will muck up the whole thing!

Carolb said...

Thanks, Lizy. I realised it must be that when I posted it initially, so went back in and typed the relevant bits, then deleted the c&p bit, but it still showed up the white background.

Thanks for that info Rosemary. I will investigate the HTML. But it may just be easier to leave it on this occasion.