Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Lowdham- Photos and a Story...

Okay here's a few photos from Saturday at the Lowdham Book Festival- I've yet to master the finer arts of Photoshop Elements 9, so apologies for the light on my glasses.

In the Village Hall
The village hall is the central hub of the festival with a couple of other venues to host other talks, and marquees out on the grass behind the hall. There's always activities for children provided so no one misses out.

I would have liked to have gone to a few of the events in the afternoon, but there was a steady flow of people from 10.30 am onward, so I only left the club stall for the Fringe and a quick look at the second hand book stalls in the marquee.

(I was quite restrained; I only bought one second-hand book.)

Nor did I get to sample any of the cake on sale from the kitchen hatch- it's usually very yummy cake...

When I wasn't answering queries and promoting Nottingham Writers' Club, I was able to talk to my neighbours, Leicester Writers Club and a lady who was selling her fantastic photographs of wildlife and nature.

There were lots of writers with books to sell; including a couple of authors published by Pen & Sword books. Their wall posters stood out well, but of course the Duke of Wellington is very distinguished even in one dimension.

I bought a book (signed by the author) for my OH- who is wonderfully supportive on days like this, driving me to the village hall, keeping everything running at home, then returning to collect me at the end...

So to the performance... 
Talking to the audience while
posing for the photo

There wasn't as many people in the room as last year, but it was a sunny day this time.

In one bar there was music, and in the other the literature.

I was one of three NWC members performing.

Jennifer Appleyard began with the start of her novel, ' Touch the Earth' (Hayloft Publishing Ltd) and from there Viv Apple took over with a selection of her poetry to lighten the mood.

As we had time limitations I'd chosen short pieces. There was a 200 word story on illusion (see below) and the audience were surprised at the last line revelation as I'd hoped.

The 1400 word story that went next is currently being judged in a club competition, so I won't say anymore, but the audience liked it- hope the judge does too!

I finished off with a very short piece that I referred to as 'the underwear story' (for the benefit of any men in the audience who didn't know what shapewear is). It's actually a misadventure tale, but luckily the unfortunate woman survives the experience... :-)

So here is the first story I read. I hope you enjoy it...


Work beckoned.
    Rachel stepped out the shower, patted her skin with soft Egyptian cotton, then slathered herself in ‘Opium’; its fruity, spicy aroma began her transformation and she revelled in it.
    Slipping on the black lacy thong and matching suspender belt she began to slide the sheer black stockings up each leg in turn, and with a light-fingered fix, was done.
    Contact lenses in, she admired the view in her mirror and wished she could wake up one morning to find her pale blue eyes turned this olivaceous shade.
    With deft artistic strokes of brushes and sponges she changed face; a touch of colour to highlight the cheekbones she usually hid, and a black flick of gel liner to suggest the exotic.
    The Teal, Suzy Wong style dress with the seam slit to her right thigh displayed her stocking top and she gained extra height with gold strappy shoes via four inch heels.
    Then with a wielding of heated tongs to create a mass of curls, and a final spritz of hairspray, the illusion was complete.
    Rachel was gone; in her place stood Orchid, wild, alluring and luscious.
    Ready to ensnare the cheating husband she was employed to expose.

 © 2013 Carol Bevitt

 (Photos courtesy of Dennis Apple.)


Helen Baggott said...

Blimey! Good story, Carol.

Glad the day was a success - you worked hard for it.

Angela Barton said...

Hi Carol

It was lovely to catch up at Lowdham, if only for 5 minutes. (You looked fabulous by the way!)

Unfortunately I wasn't so restrained in the second-hand marquee and took 4 books home from there and bought one from the book shop on the high street!!

Great story! Hope your other one wins!

Ange xx

Patsy said...

Sounds like a good day.

Good story - I could see her.

Maria said...

Hello Carol, Nice to meet you in person on Saturday, and thank you for letting me know a little more about your group too.

Enjoyed your story, excellent description.

liz young said...

Lovely story - I wish I could transform like that. And I love the colours of your dress.

Carolb said...

Thank you, Helen.
Lowdham Book Festival last day is always fantastic, and well supported by writers, local groups and public attending.

It was good to see you Ange.
I have to sneak books in because my OH has that look of 'not another book'
The other story has won. :-)

Thanks, Patsy.

It was good to meet you in person too, Maria.
Glad you liked the story.

Thanks, Lizy. I love that deeper shade of pink, and when I tried the dress on in the shop, I knew it was me.
The idea trigger for the story, came about from watching an old episode of 'Poirot' a few days before I began writing it.
One of the characters was a very dowdy nurse, who later appeared as a very attractive and glamorous blond, and that got me thinking...

Rosemary Gemmell said...

You look fabulous in those photos, Carol- lovely dress. Loved the story, the descriptions and ending. Well done!

Carolb said...

Thanks, Rosemary.
I've been working on improving my description for a while now, and I think I'm finally finding the right level...

I always think I look dreadful in photos when I first see them, but they look much better after a few days. :-)