Friday, 24 August 2012

Good News and a Competition...

First the good news, my triplets received their GCSE exam results yesterday (Thursday) and they got the grades they needed for their college courses.

The final lot of paperwork has been done and the last identity pass photo was taken today. Technology has moved on so much that the pictures look much better than they did when I went to college- no digital cameras then.

I looked like a dubious character in a police line-up on my college pass! And during the recent sort out it was rediscovered, and quickly lost again... :-)

As the return to school and college will be occurring in the next two weeks, I thought you might like a challenge to start the autumn term.

Bradt Travel Guides have launched the Bus-Pass Britain Rides Again Competition.

Hot on the success of Bus-Pass Britain: 50 of the Nation’s Favourite Bus Journeys, Bradt is on the hunt to find more bus routes for a follow-up book. Entrants to the competition write a short piece about their personal favourite. Bus-Pass Britain Rides Again
The winners will be invited to write about their chosen route for inclusion in Bus-Pass Britain Rides Again: More of the Nation’s Favourite Bus Journeys to be published in late 2013. Selected entries will also be used in a Daily Express/Sunday Express Travel feature to coincide with publication.
Bradt is looking for long and short journeys, rural and urban rides (and a few quirky routes that defy expectation), as well as a good regional variety across England, Scotland and Wales. The deadline is midnight 15th November 2012. Each winning entrant will be contacted by 25 December 2012 and invited to write up their route, in approximately 1,500 words, for publication in Bradt’s forthcoming book. (Press Release)

Entries can be submitted as a Word document (see the link above for submission details).

You'll find a link to T & C's here.

The route must be in England, Scotland or Wales. And not appeared in the previous book- you can find out which have already been done here in the Contents.

You can submit as many entries as you like, as long as they have not been published elsewhere.

And the prizes: All winners will receive one free copy of the book and a 50% discount on any further copies they purchase (postage free to one UK address). A small fee of £50 will be awarded to winners on publication of their article in the book.

Certainly different from regular competitions. Good luck if you enter.


Patsy said...

Congratulations to your three - that must be a relief all round.

Diane Fordham said...

I'm always up for some good news. Well done to them! :-)

liz young said...

O-M-G Carol - all three leaving home at once? It was bad enough my three leaving within a year of each other. Good thing you've got us to offload the angst on. Oh yes, and well done to them. :)

Rosemary Gemmell said...

What great news - and I didn't even know you had triplets! That looks a good comp, but I don't travel by bus (yet) so probably will have to pass.

Carolb said...

Thank you all for your kind thoughts. I'm just glad all went well in the end and there's no exams to worry about next year.

Sadly, Lizy, they will still be living at home- along with their older brother...

Maxi said...

Congratulations to you all on the triplets' results - a sigh of relief was heard, I imagine! Good luck to them all with their chosen college courses.

Carolb said...

Thank you Maxi, yes there was a big sigh of relief. College courses start next week, so writing time will increase-I hope.