Monday, 14 May 2012

Busy Week Ahead

As you may have noticed I didn't post anything at the weekend.

I was extra busy as my OH had to take a quick trip up the motorway to see his mum who was ill, so I was holding everything together at home and celebrating most of our 28th Wedding Anniversary by myself.

Though I'm glad to say my mum-in-law is getting better, and my lovely husband did get home Saturday evening with a bunch of Sweetheart roses and a big box of Thorntons Continental chocolates for me. :-)

GCSE exams begin today, so my teenagers are going to be busy for the next month or so...Exam stressed teenagers are probably best not bothered with requests for the return of glasses, plates and assorted cutlery from their rooms (I'm going to be getting plenty of exercise going up and down stairs...).

I'll be organising the final details for Saturday's all day workshop with Mills and Boon author Kate Walker. I'm really looking forward to the workshop, and having met Kate briefly last October at an event, I'm sure everyone attending will enjoy the day and learn from it.

Meanwhile my short story is almost ready for sending out. I've just got to print it out and check for any typos, wrong spelling of similar sounding words, and any missing punctuation, or formatting issues.

I'm happy with the story as it now is, and there's nothing else I can do to it- without ruining it!

So, I'll be back to my normal blogging routine on Wednesday...


Rosemary Gemmell said...

What a busy and stressful time for you, Carol. But it will make that Kate Walker day even more enjoyable - wish I was going! Good luck with the story.

Carolb said...

Having a whole day at the workshop and forgetting Saturday chores will be really enjoyable.

And of course I'll be blogging about the day.:-)

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to hearing about Kate Walker & hope your mum-in-law recovers soon.

Carolb said...

Thanks Sally, I spoke to her yesterday and she sounded much better.