Thursday, 5 April 2012

New Role...

I've finally managed to get the computer to myself so I can catch up with all the news. Easter school holidays make writing of any sort difficult.

Last night (Wednesday) was the AGM at Nottingham Writers' Club. Sadly the cold and dreadful weather we had yesterday meant we didn't have too many people turn up, but there were enough attending to elect the Committee and discuss any issues that members wanted to raise.

Like any group it's hard to get people to volunteer for club committees as it is hard work. I started out as Assistant Secretary ten years ago, and progressed to Secretary, then Vice Chairman. Then last night I became Chairman.

It's only for a maximum of three years and if they get fed up with me, they can always elect someone else next April... :-)

I have to say that I've gained a number of skills during the time I've been on the Committee. I've met a number of writers and learnt from every one of them.
My organisational skills have developed- just wish I knew how to transfer that knowledge to a couple of my offspring...

When you work on a committee- any committee- you learn how to work with other people, and
Also you gain confidence, not only in yourself, but for dealing with other people.

I'm a different person to the woman who attended her first writers' club meeting eleven years ago, worried about not fitting in, or being good enough to join.

I quickly learnt that I needn't worry on either point.

So if you belong to a writers' group (anywhere in the country) and it's run by a Committee, then consider helping out, without volunteers groups may not be able to carry on.

 You only realise the value of something when it's no longer available...


Rosemary Gemmell said...

An apt post, Carol, as our AGM is in coming up soon! And yes, it's often difficult to get committee members. Over the years, I've been secretary two or three times, president twice, and I still do all the online contact (but hoping that will change).

But, as you say, it's great experience and I'd never have become the writer I am (and still trying to be) without being a member of my local group and all the contacts I made.

Carolb said...

You've summed up my experience (and thoughts)exactly, Rosemary.

I've benefitted from the advice and suggestions for improving my work from a number of members of the club over the years- many who are now no longer alive, and are very much missed.