Sunday, 6 November 2011

The 250 Word Result...

Well Wednesday evening went well for all the 17 entrants with their 250 words on the theme Stormy Weather.

There were quite a few stories with stormy marriages- including mine, though in mine the marriage was in the past. The entries that did well in the voting were the humorous ones.

Sadly I didn't win- in fact I didn't even get one vote... :(

But the story will not be wasted. As I suspected I wanted to rewrite it the moment it was read aloud. So I'm going to let it ferment a while before I tackle it again, and perhaps find a home for it (somewhere) when it's been rewritten slightly longer.


Paula RC said...

Any writing you do is never wasted. I'm sorry you didn't get one vote.

Good luck with your next piece.

Carolb said...

Thank you Jamara.
I think the audience on the night wanted humour, and that's not my strong point.