Monday 17 October 2011

Reviewing My 2011 Progress So Far...

I've been reviewing my writing progress for 2011 and decided I couldn't reveal my conclusions to date without recalling the parameters I'd set myself in mid-December last year- ten months ago...

So my four targets were:

1: Get a short story published- somewhere.

2: Work on at least one of my novella length stories.

3: The novel- open to decision.

4: Enter some writing competitions.

Now I have to say I've only managed two of my four targets, though the other two have received attention to a slight degree.

The first, get a short story published hasn't happened, as the contender needs a little more work and my accident interfered in a big way.

The work on the novella is underway, and the novel has had some thought- although I haven't had time to put the decisions into action.
I tidied up the synopsis where I could, and with the first three chapters entered it into the annual romance trophy competition at the writers club- I put it in to make up the numbers this year, so I already know some of the faults, but it will be interesting to see what comments it receives.

So number 4, enter some writing competitions has been the other area of progress. In January I entered the Words with Jam last few lines of a story competition. And today I finished revising my 150 words for the Mail on Sunday Novel Competition- the start of, so that will be in the post tomorrow.

If you want to enter, there is still time, you have until the 28th October to get your entry in. Details here.

So I'm going to be getting on with my novella for the remainder of the year.

This coming Saturday I'll be at Sally Quillford's Pocket Novel workshop, which I'm looking forward to and I'm sure I'll learn a lot.

Hopefully next year will be more productive.


Rosemary Gemmell said...

Good for you setting those goals, Carol - at least it's something positive to work towards. Would loev to hear about Sally's workshop!

Anonymous said...

Yes, well done on setting your goals Carol, a timely reminder for us all with the year end looming ever closer.

The workshop sounds something to look forward to. Good for you for organising a little treat for yourself.


Carolb said...

I've found setting a few goals for the year always helps me, Rosemary.
I never say I must do something by the a certain point, as I can guarantee something major will get in the way if I do, so flexibility is the key word for me.

Thanks for visiting and commenting Dora.
My domestic life often means I can't get to writing events I'd like to attend, so I'm really looking forward to Saturday.

I will reveal how I got on next Monday...:-)

Keith Havers said...

If you had met all your targets it would just mean they were too easy in the first place.
I'm booked in for Saturday too but I'll probably see you on Wednesday first.

Angela Barton said...

Good luck with your competition entry Carol. See you Wednesday :)

Jennifer Lee Thomson, Jenny Thomson said...

I'm so bad at setting goals, Carol. You seem to do be doing well with yours. Keep up the good work.

Carolb said...

Dream it, if I completed my annual targets I'd wonder if I was really dreaming...:-)

Thanks Ange. I'll see you and Dream it on Wednesday, when I have the first chapter of my novella to read for comments.

Jennifer I used to be terrible for setting targets too, then I realised I should make little targets that I should be able to succeed with.
Sometimes plans don't work because life can take it out of your hands. So if that happens, try again, or set a different target...Good luck.

Avril said...

Some really challenging goals! I think it's so important to set ourselves goals - not always so important to reach them - the fun is in the writing along the way. Good Luck with the competition

Diane Fordham said...

I always set myself goals. I think it's a good idea because it gives you some direction, as long as you don't make your expectations too high and get disappointed (I'm good at doing that). I have to admit I liked what 'Dream it, then do it' said about if u met all ur targets that it would just mean they were too easy in the first place. I'm going to remember that when I set myself goals and then get disappointed when I don't achieve those goals. Good luck with it all Carol. Enjoyed the post :-)

Carolb said...

Thanks for commenting Avril.
I've always considered it is wonderful if you reach the goals you set, but it's important to make the attempt in the first place and start on the path to reaching your personal targets.

Thanks Diane. Dream it is right in what he says. :-)
I set targets that I could do if all circumstances are absolutely ideal, but I know that some of them will probably not be achieved, so it is there for the next year,but I always have something to aim for.

Suzanne Ross Jones said...

Two out of four is very good indeed.

Am jealous you're going to Sally's workshop. I'm sure you'll have a terrific time.