Thursday, 19 May 2011

Kindle Direct Forums- What You Need to Know...

Author Carol Arnall- who kindly provided some further information on Kindle Direct Publishing   (in April) has recently made me aware of an issue relating to the use of the Kindle forums.

"I don't know if any of you know but have changed the rules on posting in their Kindle Discussion Forums. You have to post in the new Author Forums now otherwise your posts will be deleted and you stand a chance of being banned! I'd say read the rules first before you post in the new forum they have created."

(Like any forum there are people who abuse the rules- whether intentionally or through failure to understand and follow them; as a consequence everyone has to jump through hoops to comply to even stricter rules.)

Carol added. " A friend of mine got banned from two weeks ago for leaving his website in his post! He only posted over there once a week. They are getting even stricter because of the fly by posters. There are still threads where you can just leave a link and not say anything apart from a line about your book."

Carol has also provided two links that currently seem to be okay, here and here but do check you qualify to post on them first.

So the advice is check first, otherwise your promotion efforts could be wasted.

Just to remind everyone, this only relates to NOT

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