Tuesday, 11 January 2011

One of those days...

I'd planned that this week I'd get down to some writing in between appointments and phone calls...

Clearly I was too optimistic.

After having absorbed the feedback on my novel I suddenly went into one of those moments of self-doubt about my ability to write.

Now I get these about twice a year. I know they are quite normal, they are just 'a thing' writers have from time to time, so no panic I'll get over it.

I decided to get a competition entry ready to send off, so I started revising it and just as I finally began getting somewhere with the words, the first of my younger children came home from school- in a bad mood- so that put an end to that bit of inspiration.

But as Scarlet O'Hara said at the end of Gone With The Wind, 'tomorrow is another day...'

sea,sky,shingle,beach,solitude,light,darkness Chesil Beach at dusk


Unknown said...

If it isn't self doubt it's life that gets in the way of writing. Good luck for tomorrow as you say, it is another day.

More often than not we sit back at the screen refreshed, ready and willing to move forward. Brush away yesterday and good luck for tomorrow..

Carolb said...

Thanks Anthony, you're right life does get in the way- all too often.
I started today off by finishing that competition entry and sending it off.

Cat said...

Life does have a nasty habit of getting in the way doesn't it (you know how it's been in mine for a while). Glad you got the entry finished and sent off.

I have actually sat down at my desk, in my nice new cleanly decorated office and done some writing, it was a nice change!

Carolb said...

Yes life does get in the way of writing, especially when you have family commitments.
All the best with the office and the writing Cat.