Monday, 16 January 2017

1920's Revival...

A useful reference
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Yes, I was meant to be writing a short story, and getting on with my second draft, but my pocket novel idea suddenly started getting in the way.

You may remember my mentioning I was doing some research during the summer holiday months while family members (usually at University or College) were at home. When I can't write in depth due to distractions and noise, I research instead.

I had two beginnings, random scenes and a few characters, an odd idea and snippets of plot, but it wasn't getting anywhere. So I saved everything and got back to other projects.

Actually I think that Epistolary story acted as a trigger, as that too is set in the 1920's; so I was already thinking about that time period.

Over the last few days my word total has been creeping up as I add snippets to this story, and where appropriate fit in the random scenes I wrote in the summer.

I'm just about at the end of the ideas I have for the early chapters, and think it may just turn into a novella or long short story rather than a pocket novel.

I much prefer to concentrate on one project at a time, but other things do get in the way sometimes, and I know that unless I write it out it will block the other work.

While I can compartmentalise the different stories with their characters, setting and plot, some ideas continue to get in the way, refusing to wait.

I'm going to have to try splitting my time between a short project and a long project. I did try this last year, but just couldn't deal with it. But I'm going to try again...

As I still had a National Book Token gift-card from January last year,  I couldn't resist using it to buy the book- picture top-right- 1920's Fashion The Definitive Sourcebook.

It's a wonderful selection of images covering the 1920's. There are drawings, fashion plates, adverts and photographs covering the various categories, among them: Daywear, Outerwear and other less obvious items like shoes, wedding dresses, and swimming costumes.While many of the drawings are of Parisian origin, there is enough of a mix to satisfy every reader.

I even recognised the style of coats with fur collars, and the cloche hats worn by my paternal grandmother and aunt in some old black and white family photos, taken in the mid to late 1920's.

Anyway, back to work...


  1. Sounds interesting Carol - I think you're doing the right thing, getting the bones down. As you say, it'll haunt you until you do...
    Good luck with it.

    1. Maria, I've found in the past that if I get as much down as possible it's easier to pick it up later when I can give it the time it needs.

  2. I will be trying the long and short project.
    I'm glad your word count is still going up. Unless there is a deadline, it doesn't matter too much, does it?
    Keep at it.

    1. No, there's no set deadline, Ingrid, but I would like to get on of my longer projects completed this year, or near completion. :-)

  3. Good luck, Carol - it sounds as if that story demands to be written! The book looks lovely.

    1. Yes, it's lovely, Teresa. Quite a few of the styles would work nowadays too.

  4. Love the look of that book, Carol - I have a few costume books from different periods and love looking through them. Sounds as though you need to finish a story at that time, whatever length! Unfortunately, I find it far too easy to work on different projects at once and it probably doesn't do me any favours.

    1. It's a fabulous book, Rosemary.

      I have a few scenes to write down still and then this 1920's one will go back into thinking mode, and I can get back to the others.

  5. I'm the same - if an idea is taking up my attention then the only way I can move on is to get a draft written.

    1. Yes, nothing else can move on until it's out of the way, Patsy.

      I find it occurs when ideas that have been brewing for a while start to make some sort of order that they barge in. :-)


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