Thursday, 27 October 2016

Getting Back to Where I Was...

Finally I've had some free time to get back to my Nottinghamshire short novel- lots of appointments at this time of year. :(

As I was retyping the first chapter of draft 2 from my print copy I found myself making a list of comments and notes as I went along, so these points could be dealt with in future drafts.

It was one of those 'if I don't write it down now I'll forget it' things.

So I got out a pack of file cards from my stationery stash (every writer has one of those don't they?), put the chapter number at the top of the first card, and then added the comments with the page or paragraph it related to.

(I know that when I've dealt with those in the third draft I'll likely have more notes to add, but I'm taking it one draft at a time...)

Once I'd finished retyping the chapter I saved it in three digital forms (after losing everything but the print copy I'm being triple careful this time); printed it out and put it into a plastic cover and popped the file card in with it.

I use those thin plastic sleeves that have holes already punched (for various types of file storage) and use green treasury tags to keep the chapters together. I can easily add the next sleeve behind it; then it goes into it's own file box- nothing more annoying than looking for that piece of paper with information you need and not knowing where it is, so everything goes in the box now.

Really I'd like to add a filing cabinet, but my office area doesn't have room for one at the moment- but that doesn't mean it will stay that way...

Though honestly, it's easier to create an office from a bare room, than it is to change one that has furniture you can't move elsewhere.

Do you have an office essential that makes your writing life easier?

One day I will get a filing cabinet...


  1. I don't keep any of my work in physical form (other than copies of magazines with my stories in) so my storage essentials are hard drives to which I back up the computer.

  2. That's interesting, Patsy. And the hard drives take up very little space too.

    I don't think I could work like that though, especially when I have longer projects in varying stages. I also like to keep the image board for my main work in progress close by, so it's always in mind even if I'm not typing. :)

  3. Glad you're getting back to your novel, Carol. Love the idea of those cards. Although I keep copies of everything on sticks and separate hard drive, I do like paper notes and I keep lots of historical research in folders in a filing cabinet. It's a wooden type so it blends in with the furniture!

  4. That sounds the type of filing cabinet I need too, Rosemary.

    Storing the historical research is not something you can avoid, because you can guarantee that if you get rid of something you'll need it later on, so best to keep it. :)

  5. I don't blame you for being extra careful now, Carol. It's good to hear you're back working on your novel. I wouldn't be without my portable hard drive or my reporter's notebook.

    1. I have to say the portable hard drive is worth the money, Teresa. As for notebooks, there's quite a few of those on my shelf. :D

  6. My own 'office area' is the smallest desk Argos had, with an old wooend filing tray on top, which just leaves room for my laptop. Any other paperwork is dotted around the flat. Have you actually got room for a filing cabinet?!!

    1. If it works for you, Lizy, that's the important thing.

      When we have some radiators replaced next spring we'll be moving things around, so I might actually have the room for the filing cabinet. :D

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