Sunday, 27 September 2015

Getting On With It - Editing...

After my down spell last week I'm pleased to say equilibrium has been restored and I'm getting on with the first chapter rewrite.

Keeping Balanced...
The deadline for the competition is Thursday night, and I honestly don't know if I will have it ready in time. It's fortunate entry is by email so I don't have to take the post into the equation.

I experienced one of those editing moments where I cut a phrase-well actually a couple of lines that I thought were good. But looking at them closer, they just didn't work.

When I stop worrying about the editing and just go with it, I find the analytical editing side of my brain switches in, but not to the exclusion of the creative part.

The longer you are away from a writing project, the clearer you can see it when you come back to it.

As the weekend rarely gives me quiet time to write I've started to use that noisy time to do all the other things that lurk around the edges of my conscious, as it helps clear my mind for the editing.

I've created a 20th century Fashion and Beauty board on Pinterest. One of the ideas that has been lurking in my head for years but wasn't fitting into my usual time periods, finally started to make connections once I moved it into the 1920's.

While the majority of pins on the board are 1920's, it also covers 1900 to the late 1950's.

It will be some time before I can give the idea proper attention, but I think it may turn out to be a longer short story...

I've also discovered some of the new changes in Blogger which have made a few things easier.

I now have all my Social Media links showing under a tab- much tidier than being in the side bar.

There's now a tab for My Writing. I still have one thing to add yet, so it's half done.

So, now that's all done it will be back to the chapter one rewrite Monday morning...

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  1. If I think I should cut sections I like, I pase them into a different document. Knowing I can change my mind and out them back or that I might be able to use them elsewhere helps me to be a bit braver.

  2. I've kept a copy of the first draft, Patsy, so if I change my mind I can put the cut bits back in, and it also means I can copy and paste the bits I want into version 2. :-)

    I have another document, just in case I cut those new bits out too...

  3. Sounds like you've been productive Carol, I know what you mean about the longer you're away from something, the easier it is to wield the machete. I'm sure you'll meet the Thursday deadline. Keep at it, and let us know how it goes...

    1. Thanks, Maria. :-)

      Distance really has helped with the editing.

  4. It's a tough decision when you have lines you like, but they just don't sit right. Good luck with the competition xx

    1. Thanks, Teresa. :-)

      I think the characters have developed in my mind while I've been away from them.

  5. Sounds like you are far more organised than I am, Carol!

    1. I've only been able to do so much because I've had a few weeks with no appointments, Lizy, and the work shifts of other family members have worked to my benefit too, ensuring quiet to work.;-)


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