Thursday, 30 July 2015

Planning Museum and Gallery Visits...

Now that Serena's website is complete with it's own domain name, I'm considering a few visits to museums and galleries within the East Midlands so I'll have some interesting items to share here and on Serena's blog. And of course they will be research trips too.

I need to be able to complete the visit in a day, either by bus or train - I may even need to use both!

Locally, Nottingham Contemporary has an exhibition called The Grand Tour; this currently has loans of fine and decorative art from Chatsworth (the popular stately home in Derbyshire) but set among work by contemporary artist Pablo Bronstein, with Baroque inspirations.

Visiting a museum...
Over in Derby, there's a few museums to visit, but I'll be going to Pickford House as it has the Museum of Georgian Life and Historic Costume- the research side of the trip.

It's always interesting to see the different versions of Georgian life, as so often it's big stately homes that get visited.

The Museum and Art Gallery in Derby also has a Grand Tour event. This is a display of paintings by Joseph Wright, 'The Colosseum by Moonlight' alongside 'The Colosseum, by Daylight' are featured.

The Moonlight painting has apparently had "extensive overpainting by an enthusiastic restorer during the 20th century". It's going to begin a conservation process this autumn, so the next time it's seen by the public it will look more like it once did.

It's easy to miss what's happening locally when you live in a city with so many events, and what's available in other locations within travelling distance.

Do you have a gallery or museum that puts on tours or events you can visit?

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  1. I love interesting galleries and museums. My favourite is the wonderful Kelvingrove Art Gallery and museum in Glasgow. They're having a historical costume display starting in late September - will definitely visit that!

  2. That sounds a wonderful place to visit, Rosemary. Enjoy the costume display next month. :)

  3. I love the Romano Germanic Museum in Cologne. I visited it many times with the children from school and it gives the visitor a hands on experience of roman times in Cologne. A must see if anyone visits Cologne. There is also the Museum Ludwig for art lovers. This museum houses the biggest Picasso collection in Europe. Great post, Carol.

  4. Thanks, Nicola.

    They sound wonderful places to visit, thank you for sharing them. :-)

  5. You've inspired me to add yet another treat to add to my To-Do list when we get back to civilisation!

  6. You'll find plenty of opportunities once you are settled, Lizy. :))

  7. You sound like you have some fun trips coming up, Carol! Look forward to hearing all about them.
    Most of my writing is contemporary but I am playing with some characters, and a storyline which is in the WW2 era so I've been absorbing bits here and there, just in case. We just went to Bletchley Park and that's fantastic if anyone's doing research for that era. Recently refurbished and improved, the site is fabulous - it's really well done. Even if you're not researching, it's incredibly interesting, just as a point of history. The Imperial War Museum will probably be on my list to revisit too if I go ahead with the book.

  8. There's so many places available, Maxi, that you really can be spoilt for choice when researching WW2.
    I've heard Bletchley Park is very good. Hope you've got a whole day planned for the Imperial War Museum. :-)


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