Sunday, 10 May 2015

Brain Swirl...

This is actually blog post 501, and I don't know what to say...

At the moment my brain is swirling ideas around, beyond my current work in progress.

I suppose it's because my routine has been thrown out of sync, just when I was back into routine after being ill.

There's been a list of things that needed to be done- a few with deadlines, a few still outstanding that need a completely free day to get done.

My combination microwave had to go in for repair- it's still under the first year's guarantee- but it means I'm missing my porridge and (made with milk) drinking chocolate for breakfast. Cold cereal just doesn't set me up for the day.

Fingers crossed it's a simple repair...

We probably all have rituals, but never think about them, and it's only due to the microwave problem that I really became aware that I did have distinct patterns.

For me, I can't start writing until I've had breakfast, dressed and had at least one mug of coffee- no sitting around in my dressing gown writing, my brain doesn't associate dressing gowns with serious writing, just procrastinating! :D

I've been making more effort to go on Twitter regularly, for about ten minutes a day, to keep in touch with others, and also what's going on locally in the city. Sometimes I just read and retweet anything interesting.

I've written a couple of short pieces for other people, one to fill a gap in the quarterly magazine that the writers' club (I'm a member of) produce. There is also a slightly longer piece too which I wrote last month for the same edition.

The other item will be online later this week, so I'll post a link when it's up. Again it's only a short piece, but even so it still needed thinking time and editing, but I was happy to do it, because it's an important issue.

So I have actually been writing, even though it was factual rather than fiction.

Now I'm off to write my to do list for this week...


  1. Hope your week goes well, Carol. I make my porridge the old-fashioned way - just buy a bag of porridge oats and measure half a cup (dry) into a pan, add one and half times cold water and stir well while bringing to the boil. Simmer for 3-4 minutes and serve! I have cinnamon and fruit with mine and add some milk- no sugar of course! I get showered and dressed before coming down for breakfast and then go straight to the computer if not going out.

    1. Yes, I have a bag of porridge oats, too Rosemary. My mum always put milk in to make ours, so that's probably why I prefer it that way. :-)

  2. I often find those short pieces take more time and effort to produce, Carol, asthere is no room for redundant words in space limited work.

    1. That's true, Ann. Though I think a limited word count concentrates my brain on the words and phrases I choose, so I don't get too carried away. :-)

  3. I don't have a proper writing routine. That may not be a good thing, but it does have the advantage that I'm not thrown if the routine is interrupted!

    1. That's a good point, Patsy.

      I need quiet to write and for that I need some sort of order. I wish I could write anywhere, surrounded by noise even, but I suspect part of the issue is because I'm tuned in to everything going on around me, and can't block it out to concentrate.

  4. No writing routine for me either. When I have an article to write or a short story deadline then I sit down and write! At the moment I trying to get to grips with Blogging! I hope things settle down for you, Carol.

  5. Normality is returning I'm pleased to say, Susan.

    Blogging is complimentary to any type of writing, as they share a number of the same requirements. It's just the technology that creates the headaches.

    Good luck with the new blog.


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