Sunday, 22 March 2015

I'm Still Here but Working On It...

So far it's been a nightmare.

Buying my domain name was the easiest part. And reassured that my domain could be applied to my blog even if it wasn't hosted was reassuring...

But my issues; some of it has been my fault, some of it is Blogger.

The day I began the process- Monday- was also the day that I discovered that the relevant Blogger help page hasn't been updated, so the important blue link text doesn't actually say what the help page says it says... :(

But I got through that and began the first stage, and then following the instructions inserted the CNAME information into the appropriate boxes over on my domain management section (from the company I purchased my domain from).

Unfortunately I missed an important full stop off, and that had to be corrected for me, so the countdown started again. Although the info on Blogger says it's about 24 hours for everything to be updated, it was actually up to 72 hours- I assume it's just a busy spell.

Google has my domain in the system, but I just need to make the final connection...

And that's where I've come to a halt, as what is displayed in my settings - the Publishing bit - is not what the instructions say will appear so that I can complete the process. I'm still getting an error message.

So I've done my first screenshot and sent it to the support section of my provider, who can hopefully tell me what I need to do to complete it- is it a Blogger issue, or just me?

I suspect opting for a hosted domain may actually make the process simpler...

Anyway, I will get it sorted.

Meanwhile my shiny new business cards will be arriving any day, so fingers crossed, nothing else goes wrong.

UPDATE: Although I now have a domain name address it is still the same blog.
If my blog is saved on your 'My Blogs' list.: if you're still seeing this post, and none of my newer ones, you will need to update the URL in the gadget where you control your blog list. It will be in your blog's Layout. Click on the blue edit and substitute the with carol-bevitt (DOT)co(DOT)uk, and don't forget to click SAVE.


  1. My brain has scrambled just trying to keep up with all the clever techie stuff you've been doing!

    1. I have to look up what some things actually do, and can then follow instructions, Wendy.But it can be headache inducing. :D

  2. Carol, sounds like you've been working hard, I'm sure you'll get you're head around everything soon. Nothing worth having is ever easy is it? Good luck for the week ahead.

    1. Thanks, Maria. It's now sorted, so hopefully all will go well from now on- fingers crossed.

  3. I do hope it all comes together for you very soon, Carol!

    1. Thanks. Rosemary. I have a few minor issues to sort out now, but otherwise the connections are working.


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