Sunday, 22 March 2015

Domain Name Sorted...

Following on from my earlier post, all it took was a minor adjustment at the technical end and a short wait, and my new blog address is now functioning.

It does mean that I'm going to have to re-do my blog list, as that has disappeared, and if my blog is on your list I assume it may not be accessible now, so you might need to re-apply it - if you would like to. :-)

If you do have any problems accessing my blog do let me know, either via the contact form or via one of the other social media methods.

I'll be updating a few things on the blog, and making sure they work okay this week, and hopefully will be back to my normal posting routine of Sunday and Thursday...


My blog list has been re-installed this afternoon, and there's a few more additions - hope you find them interesting and useful.


  1. I just clicked on the link in my unaltered blog list and still ended up here!

  2. Yes, you will, Patsy. As you only list the blog name, so clicking on it will bring you to the latest post. :-)

    The only difference is for those who have their blog list set with the title of the latest post showing (as my blog list is), they won't get them, though they can still click through to the blog.

    It seems to be the only element that has been effected by the domain change.

  3. Oh - didn't realise there were different ways of listing blogs!

    1. Yes, it just depends how you set your blog list up... :-)


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