Thursday, 7 February 2013

One of Those Weeks...

All my plans for progressing with the novella are slipping back this week.

I've got a handful of urgent issues to get resolved or organised. It's not that I mind, but they always happen when it's a week short on free time due to appointments.

Any other week when it's quiet and there's time to deal with additional issues, nothing happens.

I will be writing, but it will be non-fiction, some short fillers needed urgently. But it will add to my weekly writing total...

In the novella I'm about to write a scene with lots of conflict going on, and as what happens in this scene has consequences later on in the story, I need to get it clear in my head first before my fingers touch the keyboard.

I think chapter six is going to be slightly longer than the others...

I haven't even had time to read about the latest happenings in the writing world this week. Hopefully I'll have found something interesting for the weekend blog post.

Well I better get on, I have a long to do list, and words to add.


  1. I believe they call it 'Sod's Law'.

    I'm having one of those weeks too. I sympathise.

  2. Goes that way sometimes, doesn't it?

  3. Must be something in the air, Carol - my week's been right off-centre too. Let's hope next week is better for us all.

  4. Mike, Patsy and Lizy.
    Thank you for reassuring me, that I was not the only one having issues. :-)


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