Sunday, 17 February 2013


This week is half term in the UK, so that means my writing time will be severely eaten into, but I hope to keep to my minimum writing target anyway.

Today I had one of those moments when a whole scene started playing in my head and there was no quiet to concentrate, the computer was in use by another family member, and everyone kept asking questions as I was desperately trying to hold onto the scene and stop it fading away, until I could get to my pen and notebook.

I lost some of the first bits of dialogue, but the important elements of the scene hung around long enough for me to write the basics...

It was actually the end of the novella, which has only been a vague point in the future. I knew there was a happy ending, and the big revelation that leads up to it, but hadn't been too concerned about it.

But clearly my brain has been working in the background anyway, and the content feels right.

Now I just have to get on with the bit in the middle... :-)

Now Blogger seems to have sorted out the accessing the elements, of the layout in my browser, issue. I am going to finish updating the blog.

So you may see some different styles being tried out in the coming week, while I decide what I like and what works for me.

Then I will have to start getting Serena's site sorted out...


Rosemary Gemmell said...

Glad you remembered most of the scene, Carol - it's great to have an ending! It might make the middle easier.

liz young said...

Awfully tense moment - glad you survived it Carol! I've had one or two like that, usually when I'm out somewhere and can't find my pen!

Patsy said...

Funny how our brains work on story ideas without us realising isn't it?

Carolb said...

I am too, Rosemary. As I've found that when I get down to writing the scene eventually, it will be very close to what I've written at the time the thought came to me.

Lizy, I usually find I have no problem with these type of moments when I'm out- always have a notebook and pen with me- but when I'm home there are other things distracting me and getting in the way of reaching the notebook. :-)

Yes, it is strange, Patsy. Plot issues that I couldn't see how to resolve will sort themselves out without me consciously thinking about it.
Shows how complex and important our brain is.