Monday, 26 November 2012

Computer Issues...

My regular posting schedule is going to be out this week.

I've written this on my OH's netbook- had to plug a mouse into it, so I could get anything to move...

No idea what's wrong with my computer, but I can't access the Internet, and the security package isn't working either on my desktop.

Strangely enough everyone else using a wireless connection in the family is fine and secure.

My service provider claims it's a computer provider issue- because the laptop computers are able to access the browsers and security package okay, even though I can't on the wired line...

So tomorrow I will be contacting Dell to see if they can resolve the issue, even though I've run all the diagnostic tools and not come up with any obvious issues.

I expect to spend most of Monday on the phone and tearing my hair out in frustration. :(

I'd been intending to spend some time getting the size of the book in the side column reduced in size, but at the moment it will have to stay as it is, until I'm back to full browser access.

So apologies for the size-but the link to works if you click on the book. Apparently 69 copies have been sold so far, though I don't know if that includes the Amazon sales...

If you've bought and read the anthology, would you consider adding a review to Amazon?

The writers who contributed stories and poems to the anthology are reluctant to write and add reviews themselves, as they are concerned about the ethics of doing so.

They don't want to be linked to any accusations of sock-puppetry...

As soon as my computer is back online, I'll be blogging again.

In the meantime I'll be trying to keep to date with as much as possible via the netbook.

Apologies for not visiting and commenting on fellow bloggers pages meanwhile.

Fingers crossed it's not a major problem...


  1. How frustrating, Carol - I hope it can be resolved easily and quickly! Good luck x

  2. Thanks, Teresa.
    There's been a lot of typing in of codes, and unplugging and turning off, then plugging back in again this morning...
    The result- my computer has somehow lost it's IP address, and as I can't access the internet to get it back, I have to have a new router.
    So hopefully I'll be back to
    normal sometime Tuesday.
    Fingers crossed...

  3. Had an e-mail from Viv on Sunday with the title 'Carol out of action'.
    I thought "Flipping heck, what's happened?" just to find out it's your computer.
    Very dramatic these poetic types, aren't they. Hope it's sorted soon. Glad you're o.k.

  4. Well, I'll make sympathetic noises out of friendship, but you lost me after the first paragraph! Hope it's fixed soon - those notebook thingies look far too small for comfort.

  5. Thank you, Helen, Keith, and, Lizy.


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