Saturday, 5 May 2012

Good Housekeeping Novel Competition - Latest News

Apparently there's been an announcement on Facebook to say that the winner has been notified, as have the 14 runners-up.

The August issue of Good Housekeeping magazine will feature details of the winning author, and an extract of their entry.

7,000 entries were seen by Orion Books readers, and the judges were apparently impressed by the standards of the writing received.

So if you entered and didn't make the final cut then sympathies- competition was obviously tough.

And if you did get into that final selection, well done.

Of those writers I know who entered, none have heard anything.

So pass the news on...


  1. 7000! Blimey! Congratulations to all those who reached those top places :-)

  2. I actually expected a slightly higher figure. Teresa. :-)
    But yes, congratulations to all the top 15.

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