Monday, 21 November 2011

Self Publishing with Kindle...

I've lost count of how many e-mails I've had from Amazon promoting their latest Kindle e-reader in the past couple of months- you can't escape it. Admittedly their e-readers do seem to be popular Christmas gifts.

Whenever I check the stats for my blog there are regular hits for my Kindle posts, so I thought I'd add another one.

There is a great article (in the December 2011 edition of Writing Magazine) by Kindle author Lily Childs explaining how to format your book for uploading, what to do once it's ready and lots of other useful information.

Lily has just published her second Magenta Shaman book via Kindle and has started to build up a readership for her novels.

Now I'm not the most technically minded person, but I think even I could do it following Lily's instructions...

The December issue of Writing Magazine is worth getting hold of as it has a section solely related to self-publishing, including an article by Malcolm Welshman about generating publicity for your book- yes he did dress up as a rabbit, I saw the original video...

If your newsagent has run out of copies of the December issue, you can buy a copy at the Writers Online website, and a digital edition is available for a reasonable price here.

It will be some time before my work is ready for Kindle, so I better go and get on with writing it... :-)

If you've Kindled your book/s do let me know (in the comments box below) if you think it has been worthwhile...


  1. I had great instructions from a writing friend, Carol. Some months ago I tried the experiment of publishing a collection of my previously published short stories on kindle (Reshaping the Past). I haven't really promoted it much, apart from mentioning it on my blog but I've sold several copies.

    Won't be trying a novel that way just yet!

  2. Thanks for this info, Rosemary.

    I have to say I think using an e-book for a collection of short stories is a great idea, as not only are they entertaining and enjoyable, but ideal for reading on a short journey, or for someone who just wants to read short stories rather than a novel.

    Well done on the sales.


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