Monday, 26 September 2011

Regency London...

I was just browsing the online newspapers and came across a walk around what can still be found of the Regency London that was mentioned in a number of Georgette Heyer's novels.

The piece appears in The Telegraph online- Regency London: Let a romantic novelist be your guide.

I can vaguely remember a few of the areas Sue Attwood's walk passes through, but I certainly never got to see St James's Street- originally home to numerous gentlemans clubs and entertainments...

It's good to know some things do survive nearly 200 years later...


  1. My first novel, Dangerous Deceit, is set in London and Brighton, in 1813 (did a lot of research). But it was only recently I bought an excellent little guide, 'Walks Through Regency London', by romantic novelist Louise Allen. And wouldn't you know, I'm setting the next one in Scotland!

  2. My summer holidays are the excuse for location research, but I always look out for interesting little guides while I'm there.
    Louise Allen's guide sounds useful.
    With your next novel set in Scotland, Rosemary, you can take advantage of being 'on the spot' for research.


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