Friday, 22 July 2011

Some Actors Are Natural Costume Hero Models...

I know there are a few writers who almost swoon over Sean Bean's Sharpe, and I'm sure if I ask you'll tell me your favourite actor in a costume role.

Some actors just seem to suit historical costume and just don't look quite right in modern clothes- but that may just be me of course...

I like costume dramas - I always have - and we have been spoilt in the UK with the number that have been produced over the years- Pride and Prejudice, Poldark, the Onedin Line, Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights and many more.

Does anyone remember The Flashing Blade serial ? Early 1970's I think. A tale of love and adventure in French with voice dubbing that just didn't fit the actors, but probably helped get me hooked on romance and costume drama.

A friend at the writers' club went down to the south-west recently to see Henry IV Parts 1 and 2, because one of her favourite actors was in it- the guy who plays Becker in Primeval (Ben Mansfield) and for the part he has a beard, and very attractive with it he is too... :-)

She sent me a copy of the picture she was lucky enough to have taken with him, and I'm very certain one day that image will create a hero character in one of my novels.

There was mention of pirate scenarios from my friend...

A very long time ago when I lived down south I went to the Barbican to see the RSC doing Henry IV (both parts). That time it was Timothy Dalton (who years later played James Bond) playing Harry 'Hotspur' Percy.

I'd booked a ticket for both parts but actually only saw part 1. I was asked out to the theatre (by my now husband) elsewhere in the West End on the same night as my ticket for part 2. It wasn't much of a dilemma- my OH has a beard, so I chose him over Timothy Dalton... :-)

So please tell me, are there any actors or actresses (or characters) in costume dramas that you like or drool over?


  1. To me, Colin Firth always looks as though there's something missing if he's not got any lace on his sleeves.

  2. I have to agree with the lace bit, though it doesn't necessarily have to be at his sleeve...

  3. Ciarán Hinds in Persuasion hits the spot for me.

    I remember the Flashing Blade with the theme 'You've got to fight for what you want'. The music didn't suit the era, but it was cracking good fun!

  4. Yes, that version of Persuasion was very good and I have to agree with you about Hinds.
    I'd forgotten about the theme music to The Flashing Blade until you mentioned it. I can hear it in my mind now...
    Yes, it was fun.


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