Friday, 20 May 2011

I'm Not Crazy- I'm a Writer...

Nothing heavy for my weekend post this time.

Most writers probably wouldn't admit to strangers/non-writers that they have people hanging around in their head holding conversations and generally trying to get attention, or admit to characters even being there.
It gets you strange and worried looks if you do...

Flash back to this Wednesday just gone...

It was manuscript night at the writers' club and I'd popped down to the bar for a top-up of fizzy apple before the meeting began. Since my accident I've found climbing the stairs very tiring in the evening, so I opted for return via the lift...

As I stood there waiting, a thought popped into my brain, then the door began to slide open and I saw a body slumped in the corner with a trail of blood running from his head- don't worry the lift was actually empty.

With only a momentary pause I returned upstairs and the first thing I did was grab my notebook and without thought said 'hold on I've just got to write down the body in the lift'. There were a few smiles and jokes in response.

That is one of the joys of being among a group of writers, you can say something like that aloud and it's considered quite normal... :-)

My only worry now is why did some unknown girl slug this reasonably attractive man round the head- it's now on my to consider list...

Anyone had any moments like this when they were in less understanding company?


  1. I have moments like this every hour of every day but so far my inner 'normal person' filter has stopped me from saying anything strange out's only a matter of time though!

  2. I like the idea of an inner 'normal person filter' Steven. I think I must turn mine down when I go to the writers' club...

  3. Ah, the wonderful mind of a writer. Though now I do wonder whether I am completely lacking that 'normal person' filter Steven mentioned. I think I am now understanding those 'strange and worried looks' I get, Carol. NOTE TO SELF: 'When I do get 'those looks' remember Carol's words and repeat them out loud; "I'm not crazy - I'm a writer!" Really enjoyed your post, thank you Carol x

  4. When you start to narrate your story with the characters speaking aloud to each other in a public place - now that gets strange looks
    (of course it's not talking to myself. Who said that? Oh, it wasn't you it was him. Ans she agrees with you too ... ? )

  5. Love it! It's when I sit with a far away look on my face and don't actually hear what someone (husband) is saying that it gets worrying.

  6. Thanks for all the comments I'm so pleased that I am not alone...

    Diane, yes people will probably accept crazyness in a writer- well that's my excuse.

    Lexia- :-)

    Rosemary, I do that too, I get so involved in the story that my body might be here but everything else is wherever the story is set.

  7. Similar to Lexia I sometimes talk dialogue when alone but could be overheard, like while pushing a trolley round the supermarket. I've been sitting at traffic lights and noticed funny looks from passers by because of going off on a diatribe. But fixing them with a maniacal grin usually scares them off! :-)

  8. I'll have to try the maniacal grin method, Sandra, thanks. :-)


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