Monday, 16 May 2011

A Boat on the River...

I spent two hours on the river today. Well I was inside the boat, which was fortunate as it was a bit breezy and dismal outside.

A friend was celebrating her birthday and she chose a two hour boat trip up and down (parts of) the River Trent-where still navigable, so we could enjoy sandwiches and scones as we passed by some of Nottingham's past- warehouses, canal locks leading to other once connected waterways, and the two football grounds (Nottingham Forest and Notts County).

It was interesting to see the backs of the many buildings whose frontage I'm so familiar with that I don't pay much attention to them anymore, or even think about what is behind them.

Each of the places we passed had stories attached and could give a writer ideas- I have enough ideas to deal with at the moment...

So if you ever get the chance to take this sort of river trip, a mystery tour or an open-topped bus trip around a historic city, then go, look beyond the obvious and discover...


  1. Sounds a lovely, peaceful trip, Carol - do you ahve any photos?

  2. It was a lovely trip Rosemary. Sadly there were no photos (other than the ones of the guests taken by the birthday girl) as we were sat 8 to a table along the sides.
    The river trip also had two coach parties and a few others who had booked at the last minute, so the boat was full.


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