Friday, 13 May 2011

Back to Normal Soon

As you may know Blogger has been down and some blog posts are still missing.

I was intending to post Thursday evening, but could only read, not write posts because of this Blogger issue, so the weekend item will be a little late. Fortunately I'm not missing any posts...

I'm trying to decide which of my previously published items to show you and explain what inspired the story.

So I better go and decide...


  1. Carol, I was in the same boat with the Internet constantly going down and blogspot. Think this is about more than just our Internet companies.

    Hope you get yours sorted. It's a nightmare.

  2. I certainly agree Jennifer. Not only do big companies have to deal with malicious activity from hackers and the like, but sudden increases in traffic because of major events or rumours of high profile subjects does test all servers abilities to cope.
    I'm catching up, so hope you are too.


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