Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Coming next...

Just a brief note to tell you I've got the comments back from the novel competitions my synopsis and first three chapters were entered into at the writers' club I go to.

Two different reactions from the judges but a few similar points so I know the weak spots.

Anyway more tomorrow...


  1. So, would you recommend a writers' club? And slightly off topic, but how do you like belly dancing? They offer lessons nearby and I'm curious.

  2. Yes I would certainly recommend joining a writers club/group Renate. But you have to find one that's right for you and will offer you the opportunities to develop your writing. You can only decide that by going as a visitor to see.
    I love belly dancing. Considering we writers often spend hours sitting down it is a very good excercise to improve your posture, core muscle firness, increase general muscle strength and make you feel good.
    So go along and try it out. Have fun.


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