Sunday, 20 September 2020

The Next Quarter...

 September is passing swiftly, and I need to get on with one of the novels.

I'm making a list...

There's a handful of outstanding items on my should have been done by now list, so next week I'll dive in and get them done. 

I've also been spending extra time in the garden, enjoying the sunshine and warm air while it's here. That may be why my to-do list hasn't receded... :D

One of my (now) grown-up children went off to university in the north-west, last weekend. Unfortunately it's in an area with additional restrictions put in place due to rising Covid positive test results. 

For now, meetings at the Writers' Club remain cancelled. I miss the regular get-togethers and while Zoom is useful, I'm not totally comfortable using it. 

I happened to see a book mentioned online, last month, one that many writer would find interesting; The Writer's Guide to Psychology: How to Write Accurately About Psychological Disorders, Clinical Treatment and Human Behaviour, by Carolyn Kaufman, Psy.D. 

While it is American and was published ten years ago it's a helpful starting point to then go on to the latest information. The chapter on Common Myths and Mistakes is a must read...

There is a kindle version available.

Now my eyes have been tested and the optician has confirmed my vision has changed, I need new glasses. I will be venturing back in to the city centre sometime this week to choose them.

(Currently, if I want to read anything I need to take my glasses off and hold the book or paper closer.)

I'll get a new academic diary while I'm out too- I'm lost without one (the weekend no longer feels like the old weekends did).

(The Sunflowers in the picture have now gone-over and laying on the ground to dry out.)

Have a good week...


Julia Thorley said...

I love your glimpses of normality in the midst on all the malarkey. I also take off my specs to read. I'd say, 'Should've gone to Specsavers', but I did!

Carolb said...

Julia- maintaining some small form of normality has been helpful, as has the garden. It's having a make-over this year. :D