Sunday 1 March 2020

Prompts Can Help...

Prompts 2020 by [James, Gill]
You can find
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March has arrived and spring beckons- thankfully. I may get rid of my lingering cold too...

Do you use prompts to get you writing?

They're a good way to get inspiration during those lean spells, but they can also jog the memory and recall those filed away ideas that you said you would do when you had time...

If you find prompts helpful, then I have two recommendations for you. I have bought both books myself.

First, Prompts 2020 from Chapeltown Books. Alongside several prompts there're pieces on writingcraft and editing a completed piece of writing, along with other helpful items. With 366 to choose from, there will always be something to dip into (and it lists all contributors).

It's only available as an ebook for now, but it's great value and less than the price of a cup of coffee in many high street coffee shops.

You'll find my Christmas prompts in July (there is a reason); one each day from the 18th to the 27th.

By Patsy Collins
I created my list of prompts last year for an exercise at the writers' club, but they remained unused. I'm delighted they have found a home in this book.

~ ~ ~

The other book is by Patsy Collins, A Year of Ideas... 365 sets of prompts and exercises. It's available as a paperback and an ebook.

I bought the paperback for myself as I enjoy having a physical copy available to open at random or browse; you can do that or start from page one and work through, or just choose that day's date...

Have you read any other prompt books that you'd recommend?


Patsy said...

Thanks for the mention, Carol!

I do use prompts – in fact I've used every one of those in my book in some form, some of them in several different ways.

anne stenhouse said...

Hi Carol, I try to put up a picture prompt on my own blog, Novels Now, on the first of the month. This month it's the camel I encountered in Rajasthan. I'm at So, yes, I do find prompts useful. Anne

Carolb said...

Patsy - You're welcome, your book is good and worth the price. :-)

Bea Charles said...

Thanks for the recommendations, Carole. I’ll definitely check them out - I’m in need of a little inspiration.

Carolb said...

Anne- thank you for the information on your blog- hope readers will visit.

I find visual prompts work well. There can be things happening in the background that are equally as inspiring as those in the foreground. :-)

Bea- you're welcome. We all need inspiration on occasion. :-)

Julia Thorley said...

We all need a prompt sometimes. Thanks for this info.

Carolb said...

Julia- you're welcome. :-)