Monday 18 March 2019

Learning via an Online Conference...

Haven't we all at some time wanted to go to a major book related event but distance or personal circumstances mean you can't?

Recently the London Book Fair (LBF) took place and it was good to see pictures from writers who were attending.

It also means that the Alliance of Independent Authors will be holding their spring online conference.

This past weekend it was #SelfPubCon2019 and I spent much of Saturday at my computer with my earphones on and my notebook and pen to hand.
(Having previously signed up to the conference (free), but it could be signed up to that day.)

Online learning...

There were links to the various sessions (24 of them) some were panels recorded live at the LBF earlier this month, others were audio presentations or with video on YouTube.

You'll find links to the various sessions on the ALLi Facebook page and Twitter account, but they'll only be available publicly for a short time.

There were some valuable insights into marketing, being more productive and especially interesting were the Going Wide sessions- there's value in the global market. Lots of opportunities for the self-published writers.

I spent Sunday morning catching up on the sessions that were released overnight in the UK.

For anyone who is or intends to self-publish it is worth looking at membership of ALLi.

It's on my to do list before I publish my novel.

Meanwhile there's just one more session to catch up on; data...

Have you taken part in an online conference before? If you have, what were the high points for you? If you haven't, what discourages you?


Patsy said...

This isn't something I've done – partly because I didn't realise it was possible!

Carolb said...

Patsy- Perhaps the developments in technology has made this easier to do for the organisers?

Obviously the big advantage is you don't have to leave home. Also with a schedule you can choose what interests you and carry on with the other things you do at the weekend, or catch-up later. :-)

The next ALLi online conference is in the autumn so you have the opportunity to try it out then.

Julia Thorley said...

This is new to me, but what an interesting concept. I often look at events and fancy going, but am defeated by the logistics. This would seem to be an elegant solution to the problem.

Carolb said...

Julia- yes it's so often the logistics- and cost- that prevents writers attending conferences, so online sessions like this at the weekend are very good. But obviously they still take a lot of organising and agreement first. :-)