Monday 20 November 2017

Think Eyes...

Yes, I'm still here.

It's been a month of good and bad since my last post.

It's been a month of sorting, packing, dismantling, cough & cold- feeling very weak- and getting new varifocals.

I'd been having problems with my eyes for a couple of months, so booked my annual eye appointment at the Opticians - two months early. The good news is I'm less short-sighted than I was, but the less positive news is that I have the start of macular degeneration.

I now have new super-duper glasses, with lenses that transition in bright light; less issue from glare and fuzziness with car headlights and illuminated bus signs too. But best of all I can look at the computer screen without doing head contortions to focus, and my eyes aren't tired after a couple of hours.

I'll have to get a new photo taken next month so I can update my profile picture with the new specs.

It also means I can get on with some writing now- when I'm not packing boxes!

Meanwhile here's some useful advice from the College of Optometrists re Screen Use.

Eyes are an important work tool for every writer so look after them...

Image from Pixabay.


Helen Laycock said...

Yes, don't we spend a lot of time sitting in front of a screen?
Glad things have improved for you, Carol - and your new glasses really suit you!

Carolb said...

Thanks Helen.x

Yes, we forget how much screen time we have nowadays, once you add in smart phones it soon adds up.

Keith Havers said...

Hope you're feeling better, Carol. See you on Wednesday.

Teresa Ashby said...

Your new glasses sound perfect. Thank you for the link - very interesting. Must try to blink more as my eyes get very sore and gritty.
Hope you are feeling better now x

Jackie Sayle said...

My eyes are dry, gritty and irritated much of the time, but it's partly down to me becoming allergic to cats post-'Change of Life'. I've got 3 cats and spend a lot of time staring at a PC monitor. I'm dealing with it via 3 different kinds of eye drops at present.

Patsy said...

At home I work with two screens and I've deliberately set these up to be different distances away, in the hope that looking from one to the other will be better than looking at the same point all the time. From your link, it seems that might be right.

Carolb said...

Keith- yes, only the occasional cough now. See you Wednesday. :-)

Teresa- yes, almost recovered. I didn't realise how little I was blinking until I read that link. Fortunately I'm facing a window so can easily focus on something outside easily enough.

Jackie- I think a lot of people use eye drops now, but it must be annoying to develop problems now, and I know you love your trio of feline terrors.x

Patsy - yes, I was told some years ago that to check the distance I should sit at my desk and hold my arm out in front of me, and if I couldn't do that without touching the screen, then it was too close so needed adjustment.

I don't have room for two screens at the moment.

liz young said...

Yes, getting your eyesight back after months of struggle makes such a difference!

Carolb said...

Lizy - you start to appreciate it when you realise how much you rely on it.x