Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Lost and Found...

Saving the story...
I've now got my portable hard drive, so I'll be saving my work in progress as I go along, not just on a memory stick and a print copy (you can never have enough back-ups :D ).

There was near disaster when I discovered that one of the memory sticks lost the first three chapters of my second draft of my Nottinghamshire story. It was on the memory stick, then the next time I plugged it in, it was gone.

A writer friend suggested I download a retrieval programme and see if it could find it. Sadly it was gone forever.

Fortunately I print out the completed chapters as I go along, so I haven't lost all that work I did earlier in the year.

But it will mean retyping it into a new document. :(

So I better go and get on with it... :-)

Have you ever lost work due to digital mishaps?


liz young said...

There was a programme on TV this morning - Fake Britain - where they exposed the fake memory stick trade. It pays to buy from a High Street shop!

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Oh, now you're scaring me, Carol! Thanks for mentioning this - will make sure I have more than one back-up source.

Carolb said...

Yes, I saw that too Lizy. I always buy mine from a reliable source.

The sticks that failed were the older one-less likely to work with the newer generation ports I suspect.

Carolb said...

I'd not considered there could be a problem Rosemary, until I realised one of the sticks wasn't recognised, and then couldn't be opened.

I've not bought a portable hard drive so I have three different methods of document saving for my fiction.