Monday 1 December 2014

Mills & Boon Romance Writing Masterclass News...

Interesting email received today from Mills and Boon; they've announced that in January 2015 they will be holding their first Romance Writing Masterclass, at Paradise Heights in Richmond.

It's an " intense one day workshop" being held on Saturday, January 24th 2015.

Places are limited, but tickets go on sale next week- no idea of cost.

You're asked to email Author Lab, details on this page.

It looks like a long, hard working day.

Described as, "designed to take you from zero to sixty in your romance writing skills." Those attending will leave with "a clear understanding of the romantic fiction market and an idea of the next steps to take in the writing process."

(This doesn't sound like it's aimed at those who have been developing their romance writing skills for some time already...)

There will be a Mills and Boon guest author- presumably they will be revealed when the details are sent out.

The course will be run by Harlequin's senior editorial team, as well as the guest author.

And to finish it off there will be a drinks reception at the end of the day, and the "chance to sign up for our mentoring program."

This could be a costly day when you put travelling onto the potential ticket cost, and depending on how far you have to travel from, overnight accommodation might need to be added into the total.

There could be some cost to the mentoring program - if you look at how other mainstream publishers have been moving into the mentoring sector in the past year or two.

Perhaps M&B are looking to expand further into the romance market, and they see this as a way of nurturing what they want next; or maybe it's the start of a big future change...


Rosemary Gemmell said...

Sounds interesting for writers who haven't ventured into full length romance, Carol.

Carolb said...

I agree, Rosemary. Particularly if they want to write for category romances that M&B produce.

Nicola said...

Hi Carol. This seems to be becoming the new trend. I think it's good move as it helps writers to aim specifically for that target and know what is wanted. I have been sending off short stories to the main womags for a year now with no success to date. It is difficult to break into the market. I've enrolled on a day's workshop with Woman's Weekly next year - just to get a chance at breaking in. Maybe if they see my face and I make some noteworthy remark or turn up with a Boa Constrictor hanging around my neck - I will get noticed :) Thank you for the post, Carol.

Keith Havers said...

Paradise Heights seems an appropriately named venue. Is the romance intense or just the workshop?

Carolb said...

Hello Nicola. :)

I'd agree that such workshops and classes are helpful to the writer, and there's quite a range available.

Good luck with the Woman's Weekly workshop next year, I'm sure you'll get lots of helpful advice and information. Though the feathery type of boa may be adequate. :D

Carolb said...

They were previously at Paradise Road, Keith, so they just had to call their new location Paradise Heights- too good a play on words to miss. So to answer your question it just has to be both... :D