Friday, 7 September 2012

A Few Competitions...

The Mail on Sunday Novel Competition results were published last Sunday (thanks to Viv on the Talkback forum for the list) and congratulations to the winner, Catherine Roberts - there was a tie for 4th place between three entrants.

So you might want to know the details of the competition now running - winners announced Autumn 2013.

The word to be included in the new competition is TRAIN.

Closing on 29 October.

Write the opening to a novel to include the word in any form - train of a dress, train of thought, railway,etc. Whatever inspires your plot. 50 - 150 words.

Send to: The Mail on Sunday Novel Competition, 84 Drayton Gardens, London, SW10 9SB.

Typed or clearly written, with name, address, tel and email all on same page. Results next summer. Usual prizes - Arvon course for winner, plus book tokens for all 6 finalists.

And a few more competitions you might like...

Erewash Writers' Group recently announced the winner of their short story competition, and they have now opened two FREE competitions.

Flash Fiction competition

Up to 500 words on the theme 'twins'. This is being judged by Author Rosalie Warren- you may have seen or read her book 'Coping with Chloe'.

Prizes: A signed copy of 'Coping with Chloe' and £10 cash and web publication for the two winners.

Closing date is the 8th November 2012.

The second competition is the Creepy Christmas Chiller.

This is for a seasonal scary short stories up to 2,000 words. There are two categories, adults and 12-16.

"We want to read stories set in the festive season which contain all the necessary ingredients to scare the Santa suits off us.

Many an excellent ghost story has been written for Christmas, yet whether you include a ghost in your story or not is entirely your choice.

Your story could be held on any of the three main days of Christmas, or set in a couple of months running up to the big event, or specifically within the twelve days of Christmas. Your story will include tension, suspense and all the elements needed to make us feel we are sharing the frightening experience of your character (or characters)."

Prizes for six winners, three in each category: First £40, Second £15, Third £5 (plus a charitable donation will be made). Web publication.

Closing date: 8th November 2012.

All details, address for entries and terms and conditions (please read) can be found on the Erewash Writers' Group website, here.

And if that isn't enough for you then buy the latest issue of Writing Magazine- October 2012 issue, out now. Not only will you get a copy of Writers News, but you'll also receive the annual Competition Special supplement, with 203 competitions to enter.

Plenty of opportunities to spread your writing wings. (I will be doing a few of the competitions mentioned.)

If you enter any of the competitions mentioned, then good luck, and happy writing.


Patsy said...

I might try the Mail on Sunday one again. I don't have an actual novel opening containing the word, but I think it's OK to just have the opening, isn't it?

Carolb said...

The opening you create may have novel potential, Patsy.
The competition doesn't require a completed novel so it's okay to have just the opening.

My entry from last year is more likely to be a novella, so it's in a queue system I have for my ideas.

Brenda Gunning said...

Thanks for all this info Carol. I will have a go at some of these I think - certainly the Mail on Sunday one - though if my printer plays up like it usually does, it will be a nuisance ! Wish they would do email entries.

Well done EVERYONE ate Erewash. Will have a go here too !

Brenda Gunning said...

(that would be AT Erewash, not ate. Clearly shudda gon 2 specsavers :)

Carolb said...

Good luck with your entries, Lexia.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Carol for posting info about the Erewash free entry comps.

If anyone can think of any ways I could advertise the 12-16 years category then please let me know.

Thanks Lexia.

from DebbieW