Thursday, 23 June 2011

Lowdham Book Festival...14th June-14th July

This coming Saturday (25th) I'll be leaving my family at home to spend the day at the 12th Lowdham Book Festival, Nottinghamshire. It runs from 10am to 5pm.

The writers club has a stall and I'm usually one of the volunteers that man it. Club members are able to sell copies of their published books, or provide promotional material for their e-books. Then there's the advertising for the writers club itself.

It can be a long day and like any event you have to be there early to set up, so no lie-in for me this weekend.

The festival takes place at various locations around Lowdham, and on Saturday most of the activity is in the village hall and the marquees behind it, though a few other buildings along the main road are used too.

If it's a warm day it's fun to bring a picnic and find a patch of grass to sit down and enjoy the atmosphere before launching back into the day's offerings.

I'm hoping to get a break to go along to the 2-3pm slot where Jasper Fforde is in conversation with Stephen Booth.

Also there will be an exhibition of memorabilia, books and photos celebrating the life and works of Alan Sillitoe. This is all part of the campaign to raise the £50,000 needed to commission a statue to be placed in Nottingham.
There is a raffle (with proceeds going toward the fund) and the results of the Alan Sillitoe Statue Fund Short Story Competition will be announced -with readings from the successful stories.

I was very fortunate to have met Alan in 2008, he was a charming man, very unassuming, and I think a statue is a great way to honour his memory.

All events on the day are free and there's a tent for children to listen to stories and be creative. There's two chances to see children's writers Tom Palmer and Helena Pielichaty.

Plus there's always book stalls- new and second-hand (I take a large bag with me so I can carry my purchases home).

If you want more details of the day then look here.

So if you get the chance to visit, enjoy yourself.


Rosemary Gemmell said...

That sounds a great day out, Carol - you'll have to let us know all about it.

Neil Fulwood said...

Hi Carol, look forward to seeing you on the day. If you feature anything else on your blog related to the Alan Sillitoe Statue Fund, please feel free to link to our website, Many thanks,


Carolb said...

Rosemary, the Lowdham Saturday is always fun. I always find something interesting, and I don't have anyone reminding me we have enough books already. :)

Neil, I'll certainly pop in to the exhibition if I can.
I'll add the website link into the post.