Thursday, 25 June 2015

It's Book Festival Time...

To be honest, any month of the year is book festival time!

As in previous years this Saturday I'll be setting up and spending time on the Nottingham Writers' Club stall, with assistance from a few of the members.

This year we're not selling any of our members books, just letting visitors to the last Saturday event, know that we're there and welcome new members- whether new, developing or established writers...

There is so much available online nowadays that joining a writers' group sometimes seems to be viewed as unnecessary, but there's nothing like a group of writers getting together and sharing knowledge, inspirations, writing and having fun.

(Only another writer understands about characters talking to you and doesn't think it's strange... :D)

It's also good to venture out into the world and attend a book festival to discover local writers- new and established; attend interesting talks on subjects that I'd never have thought about before- just because there is an author discussing the background and/or research for their latest book.

Finally, it's a good way to learn what works with an audience in a tent, or a hall- especially when the weather is hot or you're competing with heavy rain- trying to drown your voice out- as it smacks against the canvas...

I'm used to standing up in front of people at club meetings. I've read some of my work to a small public audience too (there's a few June/July blog posts from previous years if you're interested) so standing behind the club stall isn't too difficult, but I know not everyone finds it easy, or comfortable.

(Despite all that I'm sure I would be nervous if I was the author in one of the tents talking about the latest book. One day it may be me!)

 photo DSC01564-1.jpg
Book Festival time...
I'll be taking photos to record the day for the club magazine, so I'll share a few pictures in my next blog post on Sunday/Monday.

Do you attend your local book festival, or have you done an author talk at one? What's the best part for you?

(In the case of the Lowdham last Saturday, the second-hand book stalls are very popular, and I've found some interesting and useful research books there.)

Now keep your fingers crossed for lovely weather.


  1. Hope you're having a great time, Carol.

    1. It's always a fun day, Patsy. Thanks. :-)

  2. I was sad to leave Nottingham Writers' Club due to the day it fell on, but I gain so much from being a member of Nottingham Writers' Studio. There are social nights, social days, workshops, speakers, off-shoot fiction groups, poetry groups, script writing groups etc. It certainly will help when submitting work to an agent too. They will know that you take writing seriously. Hope all went well at the festival and I look forward to seeing the photos.

    1. It's a good day every year, Angela. Hope to see you doing a talk on one of your books in the future. :-)

  3. Look forward to hearing all about it, Carol! I go to conferences more than festivals but will probably have a day at the Edinburgh Book Festival in August.

    1. Thanks, Rosemary. :-)

      Edinburgh Book Festival is quite high profile, so you'll have lots to choose from I'm sure. Hope you have a wonderful time.


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