Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Expanding Talents...

I've been looking to replace my digital camera for some time, but have been frustrated by how small many of them are.
April Evening Sky

Now my hands are not slim- they are quite wide, so I have quite a bit of trouble holding a compact camera securely and pressing the button without getting my fingers across the image somewhere.

So I went to my nearest camera shop- a small chain, and explained what I needed, what I wanted to use it for, and what I'm able to do so far. I came away with a bridge camera.

A Bridge camera is a mid-point between a Compact and a DSLR. If you haven't ventured beyond a compact then have a look at this link to find out a little more.

Hawthorn in Bud
I've been trying out the different settings, attempting to familiarise myself with everything. I've not tried the manual adjustments yet...

Now my trip to Bath is booked, I want to be able to take some reasonable photos to capture all I see there.

I have images in my memory from other short visits, but I've never been able to see the city at different times of day- how light falls can give completely different impressions to places.

It will be used for a story one day...

Here's a few images from my first attempt, with no
 image adjustment.


I even took a shadow selfie - deliberately (in case you thought it was a mistake) because I liked the evening light falling on the brickwork. It wasn't intended for anything, just an experiment, hence the window ledge, washing line and the pipe in view...

There is a world of potential images and memories ready to be captured with a camera; whether it's on your phone, tablet, or other device.

Not sure how many images I'll end up taking in Bath, but the memory card will be more than enough for what I'll need... :D


  1. Trying it out beforehand is a good idea.

    I have a DSLR as I sometimes take pictures for Gary and I prefer to use one I'm familiar with.

    1. Familiarity is important. Whenever I've borrowed my OH's camera for a picture, I struggle to find everything.
      The pictures you take for your blog are always good, Patsy.

  2. Those photos look great! Hope you have a lovely time when you go to Bath x

    1. Thanks, Teresa. I just hope the weather is at least dry when I go to Bath. :)

  3. I love photography as an amateur - you'll have good fun with it, Carol. Like the shadow photo!

    1. I'm sure I will, Rosemary, thanks. :)

      I must experiment more.

  4. I rarely leave home now without my digital camera - and what I don't use can be deleted, unlike the roll-of-film job I had before!

  5. Yes, the ability to delete an image that's not worked, or isn't needed is so useful, Lizy.

    And your photos definitely show the colour of your surroundings. :)

  6. I've got a bridge camera. Went over to that after I started getting health problems which mean carrying the SLR became a problem - which meant I never carried it! Have to admit though, when we're just mooching out and about I usually get hubby to take a pic as his Nokia phone takes better pictures than even my posh camera! Amazing how technology moves so fast.


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