Monday, 9 September 2013

Normal Routine is Resuming Slowly...

I always thought the six weeks school holiday was enough of a break from my term-time routine, but this has been the first summer since my sons started college, so I wasn't prepared for the 10+ weeks of having them around.

First my brain went onto go slow before finally grinding to a halt, only to perk back up at five and a half weeks ready for the new term...I will have to retrain my brain. :D

So today the first of the three went back to college; two more still to go.

My immediate plan is to get into a new routine to get as much writing time as possible, which is almost guaranteed to be disrupted for the first week or two...

Anyway, I will be sorting out the remainder of my holiday photos, so you will soon see some of the interesting things I saw in the Royal Armouries (Leeds) last month.

It's a fantastic place to visit, free entry- though they welcome donations- and you won't be disappointed in the variety.

More in my next post, but meanwhile here's a picture to start with...

Hall of Steel seen through the viewing mirror


  1. I can only imagine your relief at getting organised with time for yourself when it arrives, Carol - it's some time since my two moved out to their own flats!

  2. I've worked out a routine which allows me writing time - now I just need to teach myself to make the most of that time and not spend it all doing other stuff.

  3. Thanks, Rosemary.
    I wouldn't mind as much if college didn't keep changing their timetable.

    I just work out when I've got quiet free time and they change the hours...

    Patsy, I know exactly what you mean. Today I ended up defrosting and cleaning the freezer before I began writing... :(


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