Monday, 26 August 2013

My Holiday Visits-Part 1...

The issue with holidays is how long it takes to get back to normal once you return home- in my case a week...

Last Saturday I was in York. The weather was a bit iffy, so we decided to visit York Dungeons.

This took about an hour, but in that time you went through history, and audience participation was requested from simple booing to 'volunteering'.

The actors in a few centuries were scary, the odd one or two OTT, but it was fun.

Unwisely one of my sons heckled the judge and ended up in the dock charged with despicable crimes- fortunately he was allowed to go free after that...

But if you do go, I'd advice staying at the back unless you want to get harmlessly splattered, and or volunteered...

As it was raining when we came out we went for coffee, and then a book browse in York Waterstones- not much choice in the romances I was looking for- the ones I found, I already had. :(

There were a lot of people going up Clifford's Tower, but having been right up to the top of the building many years ago, I gave it a miss. It's a great view, but I'm not great with heights any more...

Now I'm leaving you with a picture that relates to the next place I visited and will be showing you some photos from.

At last, a cut out display that makes me look regal.

And I got to do some weaponry research... :)


  1. Please don't cut my head off!

  2. Sounds like great fun! Love the photo :-) x

  3. Is Clifford's Tower the one with 600+ steps? I remember climbing that when I was about 6, so I may have exaggerated the number!
    You see - you were born out of your time: you look right at home in that costume.

  4. Get back to normal? I've no idea how long that'd take me as I've never tried it!

  5. Love York, Carol - great photo of you! And, yes, I agree about how long it takes to get back to our version of normal.

  6. Thank you, Rosemary, Patsy, Teresa and Helen.

    Don't think you need to worry about beheading, I'm sure Lola would protect you, Liz. :)

    Lorraine, a few people have said I was born in the wrong time. :)

    I can't remember how many stairs there are up to the tower, but I know it's a long way up! :D

  7. Great pic! I've always wanted to visit York - my mum used to love it. Going to see if I can read your Café Lit story now!

  8. you look fantastic! My son took his family to Herstmonceux Castle at the weekend for their Medieval Day - Dylan was 10 that day and he and his brother were in costume. They got their photo taken with the King and Queen!


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