Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Up and Running, News and Murder...

Well I'm back in the land of computer access and what a difference Windows7 makes. Pages load instantly, images too.

I've still got to put a few programmes back on the computer yet, but I'm secure and able to access the web.

Unfortunately I can see it will take me some time to get used to finding where everything is- but luckily one of my teenage sons is acting as technical advisor as I go along...

Now for a bit of writing related news.

Short story magazine writer Vivien Hampshire has a three page article (in the September issue of Writing Magazine due in newsagents from tomorrow) on the responses she received from the editors of the assorted women's magazines.

It makes interesting reading and not all the news is bad...

Anyway I'm off to get the rest of my programmes loaded and while that's happening I need to read through my part for the murder mystery I'm taking part in tonight-I do know I am not the victim... :-)


  1. Exciting times - thank goodness for children!

  2. Welcome back to the 'land of computer access' Carol. I must try and get my hands on a copy of Writing Magazine. Good luck with loading those programs!

  3. Yes Baggy, I would be lost in computer land without the help of my sons sometimes...

    Thanks Diane. I'm down to the minor items for loading now so hope to finish those tomorrow.
    Then full steam ahead writing and surfing the web...

  4. Great to know you're up and running, Carol. Hope the murder mystery went well.

    I get WM and have yet to read the article. Good to know short stories are getting such publicity.

  5. I'm still getting used to finding everything, Rosemary, but the speed pages load is great.
    I'm going to blog about my murder mystery adventures, as soon as I've sorted the photos...


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