Monday, 18 July 2011

School's Almost Out...

Yes it's that time of year again, the six weeks school summer holidays begins at the end of this week, for me.

In the past I've always used this time to do research, whether it's reading up on a subject, or visiting a place that features in my novel under construction, or one in the planning stage.
Neither apply this year.

This year there are no trips planned, so I can't relax while I'm absorbing the sights and history of my chosen area.

Likewise I find any concentrated writing session is also out- there's too many interruptions and background noise. I need quiet to write and I don't get it during this long holiday...

Fortunately there are a few films out currently that my family want to see, so I'll be taking advantage of the silence when they go out-barring unexpected intrusions...

So I've decided this summer to get more organised.

I have lots of information and illustrations in plastic covers sat in a box waiting to be filed. As they're clearly falling into set categories, for example: buildings, costume, law, food, and people (any interesting faces from magazines, catalogues etc). So hopefully by the time September comes these useful items will be filed for easy access- I know there are a number of nuggets of inspiration among them.

So I need to make some room on my bookshelves for easy future access- and of course that means sorting other stuff out and seeing what I want to keep and what can be recycled...

Somewhere I have a folder full of old short stories that got temporarily packed away and haven't been seen since- my computer couldn't read the language they were originally saved in. Some of the hard copies might be worth reviewing- I've learnt a lot since they were written.

So I'm off to order the bits and pieces I'm going to need- a few large boxes included.

But, the good thing is I do still have a couple of days of quiet writing time left...


  1. Oh Carol, just reading that makes me feel in need of a holiday!

  2. Somehow the summer holiday never is a holiday Baggy. :-)

  3. Hi Carol,

    Tell me about it! I'm frantically writing a new novel (doing the Nano' summer camp thingy) before the kids are off. Fortunately, their nana is taking them away next week, and I've booked it off to write. Ah... bliss...

    I think you're right - with kids around, August is a good time to sort writing related bits 'n' bobs out.

    Good luck with your novel, BTW.


  4. Hi Col, all the best with the latest crime novel.
    I think the school summer holidays are the most difficult time for writing parents, so any spells of freedom have to be taken advantage of.


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