Monday, 11 July 2011

Chapter One and Observation...

Another week and some time to write.

I've been rewriting chapter one of my novella and this morning finished it- okay it's only the first draft and there's still fourteen chapters and numerous rewrites and edits to go, but I still feel positive about it.

Having spent time thinking and writing down the details of my characters in a structured way before I started the new chapter one, I've found it has been very helpful. I could see elements I'd missed before, and that important snippet of info that was in the wrong place (now put aside in a folder) awaits the second chapter where it needs to be.

So what about the observation?

Well the novella is a love story. And over the weekend the news channels were reviewing the royal tour of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to Canada and the west coast of the USA. It was fascinating to watch as so many times there were smiling glances-even if their other half was busy talking- and an almost touch that the romantic in me thought awwww...

Meanwhile in our garden we have blackbirds nested in the back of our blackberry bush that have made interesting viewing- I think they may have built the nest on the old lidded water butt that has become enclosed in greenery.
The parents are busy getting food and when one returns there's a sudden burst of chirriping from within the depths. The male has set up a one way system of entry to the bush, landing on a large pot and then flying up and in through a gap; while the female just flies in and out of the gaps at the front...

My redcurrant bush has been completely defruited by other blackbirds, leaving just stripped fruit stems. And our bush resident bird has now started on the small amount of white currants still available- I'm hoping the young birds are gone before the blackberries ripen and need picking.

Now I've got to go and replace the first lot of washing I put on the line this morning- we've had to leave flight path gaps for the birds to get through as the clothes line is close to the bush.

Yes I know I'm strange...  :-)


  1. Not strange Carol, just thoughtful!!

    I'm glad you're progressing well with your latest WIP. Is this the story you're entering into the MSMS competition? : )

  2. Hopefully it will be Ange. :-)

  3. I think leaving a flight path is perfectly reasonable, Carol, and I like you the more for doing it!

  4. Thank you Ceka. This is the first year that we've had a nest anywhere in our garden so we're hoping the blackbird family have a successful year.

  5. Lots of luck with the novel, Carol. Love the blackbird story - I enjoy watching ours spreading their wings out to dry on the hilly part of the garden, when the neighbour's cats aren't around!

  6. Thanks Rosemary. I think the blackbirds have nested in the blackberry bush because the neighbouring cats don't go near it.
    The bush is about three foot from the kitchen window, so I can watch the birds without disturbing them.


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