Monday, 11 April 2011

Colour and Me...

As the past few days have been very warm and extremely bright I've been out in the garden taking photos of all the tree and plant blossoms that have suddenly burst into life- okay I know that all the buds and flower heads started to burst into life a month or so ago, but you know what I mean, colour is suddenly everywhere...

(And sympathy if you are the part of the population who start sneezing, itching or having breathing problems the moment pollen starts rising.)

Cherry and Magnolia in my garden

Looking at the various shades of white from the assorted blossom it started me thinking how to describe such a basic colour. In the next-door neighbour's garden is a white Magnolia- I automatically think of the shade of paint when I hear the word magnolia- but it is a different shade of white to the cherry blossom, the former has tinges of pink while the latter reminds me of ground chalk (chalk was used for writing on blackboards when I was in school many years ago).

So I had a look at The Bookshelf Muse blog and viewed the list of words under White in the Colour Thesaurus but chalk wasn't mentioned- well they mostly use whiteboards in many schools now.

If I haven't mentioned this blog before it is worth bookmarking. I especially like the Settings Thesaurus, it has a lengthy selection, among which are a Casino, a Cryogenic Sleep Chamber and a Wood at Night. There's a setting for any genre.

I wonder what I might find in a fantasy Herbalists Shop? Hopefully not eye of newt or tongue of iguana, but then again...

Sadly the brightness didn't last and the dismal clouds arrived- no I'll leave the dirty dishwater description out of it I think and include a few blossom pictures so you can imagine the sunshine.

Open Magnolia blossom


  1. The sun has been lovely hasn't it? Glad you were able to get out in the garden to enjoy it.

  2. It makes me feel so much better, sunshine and colour in the garden. And no need for a woolly jumper to sit outside.

  3. Lovely photos, Carol. Our sunshine has been a bit intermittent so far. Haven't heard of that blog so will take a quick look.

  4. I'm glad I got the magnolia when I did Rosemary as we've since had a little rain and wind, so most of the flowers are gone.


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