Tuesday, 21 September 2010

E-Book advantages

Yes, I'm a convert to e-books, but I do still buy them in paper form too- though I tend to reserve that for my favourite writers, rather than newer authors who I've not read before.

In May I bought a basic e-reader, after saying I wouldn't for more than a year, and my reading landscape has expanded into books I wouldn't have tried. I've dipped into Alan Bennett's 'An Uncommon Reader', and classics by Jules Verne and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle that I've always meant to find time for but never have. I can now appreciate Douglas Adams 'A Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy'.

Researching my preferred market of Romance has become easier and certainly more enjoyable. I can wallow in any historical era I want, read short stories or category fiction, even related non-fiction like 'Georgette Heyer's Regency World' by Jennifer Kloester, a must read for any romance writer.

My Billy bookcases no longer overflow...

My OH does not look in dismay as he sees another half dozen books lingering on the sofa or chair...

They are all in my e-reader- bliss...


  1. My OH thinks I'll stop buying books when I get an ereader, too. Silly OH.

    Glad you're enjoying yours, I hope to have one (possibly a Samsung one) by Christmas.

  2. Haven't got an e-reader and not sure how they work yet - but something for the future maybe !

    Congrats on the blog. I will follow :)

  3. I love my e reader, and am aiming my novel at the ebook market. However, even though I have an e reader, I still seem to have a lot of 'book clutter' (my sons words) that follows me around.

  4. Welcome Lexia.
    E-readers are relatively easy to use. If you have a local friend with an e-reader, ask them if you can have a play with it. You'll either love it, or hate it. :)

    Christine, I'm the same I still have lots of books around.
    Good luck with your novel.


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