Sunday, 13 December 2020

Countdown to Christmas...Bad Sex in Fiction and the Oddest Book Title of the Year...

For anyone wondering what has happened to the annual Bad Sex in Fiction award, sadly this did not run. You can read why on the Bookseller website here. Personally, it might have provided a much-needed giggle in these tough times...

The Literary Review's comment does raise a smile... Organisers warned the cancellation “should not be taken as a licence to write bad sex”.

As for the Diagram Prize for The Oddest Book Title of the Year, that crept by with little notice. The winner was a Canadian author, and a publisher from the country too. 

Again, the Bookseller website has the result, and at the bottom of the article, the shortlist of contenders and their percentage vote.

(I'm not quoting the winning title here, but follow the above link to find out more.)

Hopefully, next year there will be an abundance of entries to choose from...

Here's to next

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Sunday, 1 November 2020

My New Website...

 Last week I began to put together the new website. And yesterday, the last day of October, I pressed launch. 

I know minor adjustments need to be made, so that's on this week's to do list.

The most difficult part was the About page. What was I comfortable with sharing? Which insights into my writing and my values would a reader want to discover? 

I'm not sure whether I achieved that, but if not, it can be rewritten.

For now, I've gone with a simple design on WordPress, easy to navigate and read. Plus, it's good viewed on a tablet or phone.

The design of the theme has helped with my current eyesight difficulties. I had changes to my vision over the summer and needed new glasses. They're ordered, so I'm hoping the latest lockdown, announced yesterday, won't interfere in the production of the lenses, or lengthens the time it takes before I can collect them.

Once I've got my new glasses I'll be able to update my profile pictures. 

Meanwhile, it's back to the novel after my thinking time...

If you haven't seen my new website, do please pop over and take a look. I love the logo created from this initial letter image.

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In this shaken up world we're living in, be kind to yourselves and stay safe...